Day +149, Thursday

Photo of the Day: on Thursday, over 5 inches of rain fell in our area, I dodged lightning bolts at Bent Creek, and Andy had his second COVID vaccination dose.

Currently, it is Friday and we’re en route for a quick, beach-y weekend getaway. The drive has been mostly positive, and I enjoyed a healthy on-the-road gas station dinner of Apple Cinnamon Quaker Instant Oatmeal, an Epic venison bar, and gummy bears. Here’s yesterday’s post, enjoy!

Thursday involved a rainy hike, thunder, and a road trip to Burke County so that Andy could receive his second COVID vaccine dose. By the end of my 5 miles at Bent Creek, I was soaked, and more importantly, counted 20+ thunder claps. Technically, I stopped counting at 20, because at that point, I just didn’t want to know. 3 of those involved lightning flashes that bounced off the trees; the first time that occurred, I thought to myself, I should really count….

And then BOOM!!

This was the aftermath. You might be able to hear some thunder rumbling still, the sound long echoing across mountain tops and deep valleys, resonating within that made even my heart thump in response.

During my hike, I did my best to focus on the moment, staying in the present. It would be easy to hone in on my fear of lightning and dying a terrible death – instead I listened to the pitter patter of rain against my jacket, watched the drops hit puddles of water forming on the path, and noted the bright blooms on the trees. It wasn’t so bad. And it gave me space from thinking of my transplant, so that was a nice bonus.

Our drive to & from Burke County (about an hour each way) was rainy and thankfully uneventful. Dinner involved beef fajitas with guacamole and fresh tomatoes; we both whimpered as we ate and my GI system did not revolt. Another win!

My body felt OK throughout the day, skin is still dry (of course) and the inside of my nose remains irritated – dry sinuses, allergies, who knows? I was definitely tired by days’ end and watched an episode or two of House with Andy. Falling asleep to the sound of rain drumming on the roof was wonderful, though the hot flashes that had me up for half the night – less so. Thank goodness for ceiling fans.

Happy weekend to All!

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