Day +148, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: All that’s left over from dinner, brought to us from our friend Robbie. I devoured my lasagna and may have had a bit of Andy’s pineapple & pepperoni pizza crust. Pineapples on pizza are the best & it was delicious! But more than that, it was a very kind & thoughtful surprise from a friend.

Yesterday was super low key, something for which I was grateful. I did house related work for a bit, followed up by a brisk 2-hour hike, had a session with my therapist (one of the best investments I can make is in my personal growth), restocked our essential items from the grocery store (bagels, pasta, milk, eggs, cheese, etc) and made it home just in time to meet Robbie. I wish I had thought to take his picture while he was standing at the front door with dinner – but I was just so excited to see my friend.

We spent 45 minutes just chatting outside – it was a beautiful, partly sunny afternoon with the hint of spring in the air. And we stood under the blooming tree in our front yard, petal blossoms drifting in the wind, and just caught up with each other – I’ve missed my friends and while Zoom/FaceTime/MessengerVideo are helpful, it’s not the same. At one point, we heard Andy’s voice over our Ring doorbell – every minute he would get a notification of movement in the front yard. Andy received a lot of notifications yesterday.

Throughout this transplant process, I have been continuously grateful to my friends – notes, cards, boxes of thoughtful gifts, puzzles, helping out & just being available, care packages, a walk in the woods, dinner – everyone of you have made a difference & I’m thankful. This can really feel like a lonely process, especially during the COVID global pandemic – you are all reminders that I’m not alone in this. And neither is Andy.

This is as close as I can get to “tipping my floppy hat” in thanks.

Physically I’m feeling OK, perhaps slightly sore in my glutes from Tuesday’s 7-mile hike/ trail run. I’m tired, yes, but it feels like the fatigue is brought on by activity & life, rather than via a medication-induced haze. My GI system handled the lasagna well, and I even had a few bites of salad. Yep, that was a big step – the salad thing- but the fresh lettuce just looked so good and crunchy. I’ve been craving fresh things as of late, fruit & veggies especially, but am still sensitive to GI illness – it’s a balance, I suppose.

Then again, so too is life.

Today involved a rainy morning, but I’m rallying for another Bent Creek hike. Later, Andy is getting his second dose of vaccine, and we’re both so happy about this. The forecast is calling for evening thunderstorms- I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Have a great Thursday!

The French Broad River from Glen Bridge River Park

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