Day +150, Friday

Photo of the Day: Road tripping down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – somewhere SC, heading south on the 26.

Friday passed by quickly, and by the days’ end, Andy and I were driving due SouthEast towards the beach. We’ve been wanting to “get away” for a while, and Andy’s Aunt Donna had invited us to her beachside condo. I’ve appreciated her blog comments and getting to know her via Messenger Video – a quick weekend trip seemed the perfect opportunity.

Through another Festivus Miracle, I was actually early to my lab draws; I think Theresa, the receptionist, was just as surprised as I was, but we played it off well. My Creatinine was still elevated at 1.26, and even though it’s not overly high (normal range is 0.6-1.1), Dr. T still signed off on another liter of fluids. At this point, anything to help my Kidneys is helpful; I continue to drink 3-4L of fluids per day, but the meds that I’m on are just challenging for my body.

After that, it was a matter of heading home and packing. Technically, I finished unpacking one suitcase that was leftover from my time in Bethesda (don’t judge) – but then I filled it with beach-y attire, ate leftovers for lunch, folded (and put away) laundry, spent time with kitties and read. Andy was home by 5 and we were on the road by 6, bumping south from the 26 to the 20, and then back roads on into Myrtle Beach. Rolling down the windows, we could smell the ocean from a few miles away – it was wonderful.

In spite of our 11 pm arrival, we could still see seafoam and hear the crashing of waves against the sand. We slept with the balcony door cracked, the ocean (and occasional shout of tourists) lulling us to sleep. It was wonderful. Just as wonderful was meeting Donna & Ralph, chatting until the wee hours of the morning – they are beautiful people and I’ve most enjoyed getting to know them.

Today is technically my Day +151 and my +5 month “Transplananiversary”. I plan on writing a longer post to chronicle the time between months 4 & 5 – but likely after this beach escape.

Happy weekend Everyone – I’m going to return to this lovely view and even better conversation!

Good Morning, from Day +151!

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