Day +109, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Saturday morning, downstairs in my kitchen, creamy tea & Monster. Love.

Saturday started off beautifully. I woke in my own bed, walked downstairs and made my favorite creamy tea. It was made better with Monster and Andy. For the record – this was something I told my NIH Team I was excited about….and that was back in October.

My day was nice – Andy and I spent a lot of time together, chatting. It was really wonderful to just shoot the shit, sit back and let the conversation flow. It’s been so long since that’s happened; we talked about nothing and everything at the same time, laughing, swapping stories – memories from our collective pasts woven together and enunciated with the occasional shy glance. Rain lashed the windows, but we were safe and warm and comfortable in an old familiar way, together.

I loved every moment.

Later we made food – prepped for an Apple Tart, and put together pasta with roasted veggies. I had seconds. Deadpool 2 is on now, and in less than 10 minutes, I turn 40. I’m grateful for so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Monster helping Andy peel apples. I love them!

  1. Happy Birthday ❤️ So much life lived and so much more life to be lived! Your day, this day, sounds perfect. Conversations and laughter, memories and future plans all with the sound of rain falling in the background. May you have many more days like this, along with many more birthdays. I love you so much! You are my hero, my inspiration and my hope.


  2. Happy Birthday, Marit. Happy is heathy with a second birth-day. Happy Valentine’s Day as well. A day commemorating love. Much love to you on this day. Grace, Keith and family.


  3. Happy birthday. We have a lot to celebrate. Continue to recover and build your loving relationship with Andy.
    We hope to come and celebrate your milestone birthday after Mom gets vaccinated
    ❤️ Dad


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