Day +110, Sunday ~ Valentine’s Day & my 40th Birthday!

Photo of the Day: Today I turned 40! I’m grateful to so many to have made it this far. And I’m also thankful for loved ones, family, friends, kind neighbors, the NIH and all the kitties in my life. And of course, Andy. I also want to thank my Anonymous Donor, who selflessly chose to donate his Stem Cells to save my life.

Just a few pictures from today – it was a lovely way to spend my 40th. The first birthday after my transplant, as Debbie said. My friend Hillary texted that it was my most daring trip around the sun so far, and I can’t say I disagree. I will do my best to live the best life that I can, with the incredible gift I have been given.

Morning tea service service!
Monster wanted to help make French Toast.
Afternoon stroll along the Mountains to Sea Trail – a 1200 mile unfinished trek from Clingman’s Dome in Smokey Mountain National Park on the western boarder with Tennessee to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m lucky to live a few short miles away and as we were only out for 2 hours, we didn’t get too far.
Even though it was mid-40s here, I wore 5 layers on top and 2 hats. I was thankful to not be 50 degrees cooler at -15, like my folks

Usually for my birthday, I give myself the gift of an epic hike, backpacking trip or race. For my 26th, I ran a marathon; crazy stuff like that. This year was more low key, as it needed to be as my body continues to recover.

Better yet, though, I spent it with a wonderful person who I love very much. We enjoyed my favorite breakfast (French Toast!!), avoided a cinnamon disaster (mostly), hiked together on a trail that I’ve missed, helped mom nearly set up Alexa over Zoom, eat yummy pasta, celebrate with a homemade Apple Tart (I’ve been craving fresh fruit), enjoyed a surprise drop in by Debbie & family, and watch a classic movie we both quote to each other all the time (“it’s all over when you ride up in Troy’s bucket…”).

Life is good! Thank you for all the kind & thoughtful birthday wishes, they were just lovely to receive.

And life is even better with this guy ❤️

  1. I’m so happy you were with Andy to celebrate 40 years of age. Your life has been challenging, but you have met all these issues with courage and determination. I consider myself fortunate that you are my daughter. You do the family proud!


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