Day +108, Friday

Photo of the Day: fireplace, pizza and Andy. ❤️

Long day, but also a good one. Best news was that Mom got home safely to Dad in Minnesota and that the temperature was only -8. Road tripping down to Charlotte was exciting, especially with precipitation and low 30s temps while descending off the plateau that Asheville sits atop, down to the NC/SC foothills’ base (perhaps 2500 feet). I drove under the speed limit and was thankful for my little Volvo.

My airport experience was just fine. Mom – not as much due to flight delays, mechanical issues & crew rest. But the important thing is that she’s home with Dad!

I stopped to visit Andy at work, before picking up veggies and tomato basil wheat thins (TBWT) at the store. I’m in the mood for a pasta mixed with roasted veggies over the weekend, and who doesn’t love TBWTs?

As I was driving home, I realized that it’s been since October that I’ve really been alone in a house/apartment/hospital room or by myself much with Andy. Joking in the kitchen, wearing bathrobes and spending time together was just wonderful. I can’t wait for more.

Body is tired, skin dry. But I also took a hot shower and spent 4.5 hour driving – not in that order. Eyes are a little heavy too, which means I should go to bed soon. We miss Mom here – she has brought so much joy to my life. Kitties miss her too, especially Monster & Ali, who happens to be curled up on Mom’s pillow.

OK – headed to bed! It’s the weekend, rainy here and I’ve got a birthday on Saturday. Life is good! Cheers!

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