Day +81, Saturday

Photo of the Day: happy

Andy’s early morning arrival (as in 2 am) meant that we slept in, at least until my 9 am medication alarm woke us up. Breakfast of pecan rolls (thank you Grace & Keith) was delicious and with my creamy tea, even more so. Today was filled with hanging around the apartment for a bit, searching for a parking spot near Great Falls park (success the second go-around), a lovely walk, a colorful bird sighting, waterfalls, chicken stir fry, too many Peanut M&Ms, and watching Season 1 of the All Souls Trilogy.

I’m happy, and grateful.

An extra special thank you to Karen and Breege for taking such good care of the kitties, especially Monster.

It’s a special thing to put my feet – without socks – in Andy’s lap. I was always too ashamed of my warts. Today, thanks to my transplant, things have changed. And tomorrow, the tree comes down.
Doing my 30 push-ups with Andy. Today they didn’t suck as much.
Great Falls MD, on the Potomac River
Happy with Andy, while he’s amazed at the water flow.

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