Day +82, Sunday

Photo of the Day: Not only did he shave his head (via Zoom) with me, but Andy also joined me on my 30 push-up challenge at 10:30 pm. That, my friends, is love.

It was Andy’s last full day in Bethesda with us, and he heads home to Asheville tomorrow. I’m ecstatic to say that we will follow in 2-ish weeks. Today was a breakfast sandwich morning, followed by another visit to Harpers Ferry. Walking around the town was fun; it felt special strolling along cobblestones and through narrow alleyways, holding Andy’s hand. We stopped for a growler from Harpers Ferry Brewing company, and later enjoyed pizza & Zooming with Dad from home. Confession: I had two pieces of cake. And they were delicious.

My body is OK, tired now. I’m still struggling with the BK virus, so it feels as though I have a urinary tract infection (not fun). I take my medications, and push the fluids – not much else I can do. I’ve also got a slightly stuffy nose, but I don’t feel sick – more like allergies or dust. Skin is still very dry, but no patches that would warrant steroid cream, and my GI system seems to be OK. No issues with chicken stir fry, but the ham that I put on the morning’s bagel/egg/cheese/ham sandwiches made my stomach flip flop.

Maybe it’s pasta & buttered noodles withdrawal?

But it’s late and Andy is next to me. I want to enjoy these precious moments with him when he’s here. So that’s just what I’ll do. Goodnight!

  1. We have such fun when Andy visits, and it’s so sad when he leaves. And even though, we’ll be in Asheville in less than 2 weeks, it’s hard to fill that void when he’s gone. Love taking photos of them doing push-ups. They are an amazing couple.


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