Day +80, Friday

Photo of the Day: During today’s walk at Great Falls, I had an opportunity to photograph the Painted Bunting.

Andy’s ETA is T-22 minutes, and it’s 1:37 am. This post will be quick; obviously I could have started a tad earlier, but I thought doing things like tidying up the apartment and eating were just as important. So here I am. Thankfully, Mom is wide awake, keeping me company and watching “Repair Shop” on Netflix, while waiting for Andy.

Today was great! We swung by the Apple store on Bethesda Row to pick up an early birthday gift from my folks – the watch bands are beautiful, and fun to wear. Plus, I love the arch across the street.

Then it was a stop at Anthropologie – Mom got a very lovely hoodie and I selected a yoga-esque top and jeans. It has been years since I bought jeans, because no one seems to carry boot cut. Hopefully that style will eventually come back into vogue (WTF is up with this 80s crap?). Probably the most incredible moment was not the jeans – but catching a glimpse of the back of my head in the 3-way mirror. This was the first time I had that opportunity – I was amazed.

At some point during our time in the store, I realized that my head, at least, matched all the mannequins. Yes, my hair is super fine and very blond. I think it will be a while before it appears non-bald.

After, Mom and I drove to the C&O Towpath just south of Great Falls, MD and enjoyed a lovely 2-hour hike. The canal wasn’t too busy and overall, the day was very pleasant. Plus, I got to see one very colorful bird and actually photograph it – that was wonderful! The little guy seemed to like the dried seeds. I can’t judge.

Survey crew along the Towpath, just north of Great Falls Park
One very intense heron.

Then it was back to the apartment, a nap, food, and a frenzy of cleaning (not really, but sort of) to get ready for Andy. This will be the last time that he’s here in Bethesda with us, as 3 weeks from today (knock on wood), Mom and I drive back to Asheville. Because my little Volvo can only hold so much, we’re taking this opportunity to send a few items home with Andy….things like a Christmas Tree, an extra large suitcase, and a few other things.

Body is feeling good, skin still bumpy. I’m tired – just exhausted, but I’m betting that someone who worked a 46-hour week and just drove 7, nearly 8 hours after said week, is just as beat. Regardless, it will be wonderful to be together again. Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Lucky for you getting to see the Painted Bunting. I had read about it a few weeks ago and how photographers and birders alike where “flocking” there in droves to see it.

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