Day + 39, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Mom and I walking, Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland. Happy!

My Photo of the Day was almost, ALMOST something to do with taking a really really long shower this morning. And then a really really long soaking bath this evening. But capturing that – well, not as easy as one may expect. And besides, Seneca Creek SP was really really fun – nice! And they’ve got a great Christmas Light display that we want to return to in the future. Located mayhaps 20-ish minutes NW of Bethesda, Mom and I enjoyed the road tripping aspect, and exploring a new area. There are multiple parks near us, and this is something we’d like to continue through my 100-ish days out here. Plus, we walked for an hour, or so, and really I felt good.

Oh – and the picture of just me with my arms at a weird angle was a test to get the proper focus with my camera. But it was funny, and part of my artistic process, so there you go.


My shower was incredible, and bath amazing. Mom even picked up bath salts and bubble bath to toss in, which made soaking in the tub a delight. I’m not normally a bath person, but after 7-ish weeks of minding my Central Line, well, today was epic and I won’t soon forget how lovely it felt.

Post shower, checking out my Central Line entry, and the corresponding skin on my right side. I’ve got some chafing from the dressing, and a few – I’m guessing – sensitive skin marks from the Chlorahexadine agent that was applied to my skin to keep it as clean as possible. The scars will fade over time, and even if they don’t, I will wear them proud. And ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always put my hair up in a towel post shower. Apparently I will continue to do this, even when I’m bald, and have no hair.
Not generally a huge fan of phones in the bathtub. But this is what I got.

Other great things about today? I baked a loaf of banana bread, and Mom and I officially trimmed the tree! We’ve still got one or ten ornaments on the way, and we’ll need a tall person (Andy) to help with the star on top, but generally, it’s feeling more and more holiday-ish around here. I’m just happy that I didn’t destroy the bread. Oh – and we watched Part 3 of whatever Netflix movie we binged last night. It was terrible. But also wonderful and worth it.

Here’s to bidding farewell to the (post-transplant day) 30s and moving towards the 40s!

This was the uncomplicated going in. Because I added 2 ripe bananas, the recipe was an additional 15-ish minutes to complete, but I checked every 5 minutes or so. No soggy bottoms here, and decent flavor. Could add walnuts next time. Currently, the leftovers are chilling in the fridge, as most foods that I consume cannot be left out due to bacteria growth. New immune system and all….
Cat People.
Our tree!

  1. Walking through Seneca State Park with Marit was great, but not necessarily the high point of the day; because, the real deal was the SHOWER!! I heard singing and splashing like I’ve never heard before. Pure joy! The reminder of the day included baking, trimming the tree, and watching Christmas movies.


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