Day +38, Friday

Photo of the Day: Yes yes, another Neflix/Halmark/Lifetime-ish sequel. Mom and I watched the first, cheered when we discovered a second, and sort of groaned when, upon finishing #2, we discovered there’s a third. “The Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby.” Naturally. I’ve discovered I can only handle about 1.75 of these per day, before my bubble has burst. At this rate, we’ll run out of sappy movies before Christmas…oh dear.

Today was decent, not too bad. We braved the rainy weather – really, going from one parking garage to another is NOT bad – and hit up Trader Joe’s. We must have just hit the post-lunch and pre-Friday afternoon crowd, because the store wasn’t too full. Mom grabbed her items while I tossed Mac & Cheese and other essentials into my own basket. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that if I take off my hat and people see my bald head, they tend to give me a bit more space. I try not to abuse the Power of My Baldness, but man, those TJ isles are small and we were on a mission to make it back home before my 1 pm virtual meeting.

So I used the Power of My Baldness – for good – and we managed to make it through in record time.

Other bits today included sorting pills, which – let me tell you – is not that exciting. But it’s one of those necessary things for now. There are a lot, and I’m still working on getting the best schedule possible (some can’t be taken at the same time and need to be spaced out, while others can’t be taken with dairy, etc). This is my new temporary, and obviously something that all Transplant folks must deal with.

Yeah – so much easier when I can just grab-and go, with everything sorted. It’s kind of like the snack packs that you get when backpacking through the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite. For $2, you get an apple and two cookies. Though, that was back in 2010, so things/prices may have changed. And cookies are preferable to pills. Apples too. And if we’re really being honest, Yosemite is pretty preferable to where I’m at now – but hey, this is just temporary.

I also finished off Harry Potter 4, and started on the 5th. There was a nap in there. And I also ended my week with an appointment with my social worker. It’s been a good week in terms of mental health – talking with my own therapist, working with a health support group, and then Jennifer today. Sometimes I feel like it’s an awful lot to check-in and talk with others, but then again, so are the challenges with transplant. I’ve worked so hard, for many years on my mental health, sorting through the life stuff that we all deal with – it hasn’t always been easy, but then again, that’s where the growth and magic happens – when you’re out of your comfort zone. At least that’s what I tell myself. And I’ve picked up some good skills along the way, several of which helped during my 36-day hospital stay. So, onward!

Dinner was re-heated Mac & Cheese. Earlier in the day, I enjoyed my kombucha/soda water combo, but late-night heartburn had me switching to plain water. Sometimes I miss all of the fizzy waters and whatnot, but now, I’m just trying to keep my GI system as comfortable as possible. I can tell you another thing that my gut does NOT like – and that’s magnesium. I take it because my most important medication – Tacrolimus, an immunosuppressant and anti-organ rejection med – eats magnesium like it’s going out of style. So my poor stomach is just doing the best it can to keep up, or rather keep everything in. This is another reason why lots of ruffage just does NOT sound good.

Tomorrow I get to shower for the first time since mid-October, when I had my Central Line placed. Of course, I took “showers” when I had my line in…..but I’ll be honest. They were not the soaking, stand-under-the-hot-water-and-just-feel-the-warmth inundations that they were pre-line. I’m a little excited. Ok, scratch that. I’m A LOT excited. Not sure what else is on the agenda – probably Part 3 of whatever monstrosity we were watching (and loving). I happen to have music from Outlander playing in the background, and maybe can convince Mom to watch and episode or two from that series. Did I mention she had finished with Virgin River? But seriously – a walk, a bit of Christmas, and some organizing seems to be the ticket.

A final highlight of my day was chatting with these two. And then George jumped in and we all partied. I cheered as Lilly (the younger one) did a burpee on command, and it was nice catching up with Jenni. 2020 is isolating just as much as illness and hospital stays are.

George, Lilly and Jenni!

And last but not least, Andy sent me this link today. I laughed so hard. And then watched again and again. And again. Major props to Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift – thanks for bringing joy to so many!

  1. Wishing you a good weekend with more Christmas movies and chats with friends. A good first week out of the hospital, I’d say!


  2. I’ve been with Marit for 10 days and am honored to be with her! My role as caregiver is limited to a quick daily cleanup, put dishes in dishwasher, take dishes out of dishwasher, cooking (mainly) Mac n Cheese, occasionally trying a Trader Joe’s frozen meal, keeping her company, going on a 45 minute walk, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Even though the movies are corny and predictable, we laugh together and make outrageous comments! Those of you who know Marit, must know she is INDEPENDENT and likes to do everything for herself. And so she does. The transplant is going well and we are grateful.


  3. If you have Amazon Prime I highly recommend Miranda for a good laugh. It was a BBC Sitcom that has great characters. Mayim Bialik is making an American version.


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