Day +40, Sunday

Photo of the Day: Marvelous! Mom and I hiked along trails for nearly 2 HOURS today at Seneca Creek State Park! We kept warm (mostly), only lost one pair of sunglasses and made it out before the 4:45 pm park closing curfew! Fantastic!

Today was the second time in two days, where for a wonderful moment, I forgot that I had had a stem cell transplant. It just slipped my mind. I wasn’t thinking about medications, or having a chilled bald head. I wasn’t wondering about appointments at the Clinical Center or thinking about all of the people (Andy especially) and kitties I miss. There was no standing up too fast and getting slightly dizzy, or having to time certain foods with specific meds. I wasn’t thinking about a fragile immune system, or what was difficult to do.

Instead – I just did.

Yesterday I played music while getting dressed. And I sang. Loudly. And this is something that I would do pre-transplant before going for a run in Asheville, or going to HEW (my gym). And today, I was just out on a trail, climbing a switchback and wanting to reach the top of whatever I was hiking up before stopping. I felt that fire in my belly, that wanting to push myself, to do the hard things, to climb that extra switchback, to not stop until I reached the junction with the road. I felt like myself.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still slow, and get winded. But that spark – that spark that is me, the me that runs and climbs mountains and backpacks trails and is going to climb Aconcagua with Christine to bring in 2023 – she is still there!

To rediscovering myself, post-transplant! And Day +40! Thank you for a wonderful hike Mom – here’s to returning soon and finding your bright red glasses….and hiking a few more miles while getting stronger!

Mom, starting out on the Lakeshore Trail, near where we parked. It was a chilly 42 in the woods.
We were there. I love maps!
A bright pop of color (to quote my friend Kurt).
I love pine forests!
Mom, making the final climb up from Seneca Creek. She’s not wearing her glasses in this picture, so it makes me wonder if she placed her glasses down prior to this point….Interesting….very interesting.
I wore a lot of layers. 2 hats on top, with the hoodie pulled up at times. Then there was my Moreno wool long sleeve undershirt, Patagonia vest, sweatshirt, and wool jacket. I felt like a marshmallow at times. But I was warm and happy and that’s all that matters.

  1. I Love Dat Pop of Color!!!

    It’s amazing but not surprising to see you out and about!!!

    This is going to be a great week!!


  2. Nice to see you out on the hiking trail. I see this as the beginning of your training for the 2023 climb of the South American mountain. Inspiring photos. Your journey is inspiring. There is no stopping you with your spirit and attitude


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