Day +25, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Warming up my water for tea. It takes approximately 3 minutes to get the water to the temperature that I like. Then I’ll add my tea bag (in this case, a lovely Lemon Ginger), and nuke for another 30 seconds and voila – perfect tea. I’m still on a Clear Liquid Diet, but tea counts, thankfully. I drank a lot of tea today.

Last night I had difficulty falling asleep, so I watched a few episodes “The Crown”, Season 4. It felt slightly devious to stay up late; then again, morning came exponentially early and it was difficult keeping my eyes open for rounds. I may have taken a post-rounds nap.

The good news that I learned, is that Pathology does not believe I have Graft vs Host Disease of the GI system, so that is awesome. The question that’s left on my mind….? Where did this come from and why? More importantly, how do we fix the issue and prevent it for the future? I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly a Clear Liquid Diet kinda gal, I’m really not. Case in point, my dinner:

2 cups of broth (one chicken, one beef) 2 jellos (one strawberry, one lemon), an apple juice and a ginger ale. Wild and crazy times

During rounds, Dr Owie (I know that’s not how he spells his name, but that’s how it’s pronounced. He leads a different protocol, but he’s in charge for the next 10 days, so I’ll see him every day, along with other members of my/Dr Hickstein’s Transplant Team). Anyway, Dr Owie decided to keep me on Clear Liquids because, in his words, “Ms. Chrislock did not challenge herself with her fluid intake yesterday. Perhaps today she will do better.” Now say that with a thick German accent.

Anyway, it made me laugh – thankfully, not out loud – but I can’t help but laugh at that. I mean, let’s face it: my body has been through A LOT. And I’ve had more diarrhea than I ever care to have again. So pardon me if I’m a little, er, cautious when it comes to topping off my system with fluids.

Eye roll. And a way of checking out my new Central Line dressing, which was changed today. I’ve had my line for over a month now, and so far it’s been OK. Except for the part where the Chlorhexidine has been in constant contact with my skin. It’s a very strong disinfectant and antiseptic and when Charlotte my nurse, cleaned the area, I yelped in pain. Oh, and if you look closely at my head, you can see all sorts of little stubbles of hair that just never fell out. They don’t really bother me, but I feel them at night when I move my head around on the pillow. I solve this problem by wearing a hat.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get upgraded to Solid Liquids, and can go wild and crazy with things like tomato soup, or mango-banana smoothies. That would be nice.

Whiskers, keeping me company.

The rest of my day was low key. I’m still tired and low hemoglobin, at a whopping 8.3 are definitely contributing to my fatigue. So I took time to enjoy the small things – a hot shower, clean bed linens, joking around with Charlotte, my nurse, and a Zoom date with Andy,

Charlotte, about to hook me back up to Bart. I was free for an hour while I showered and had my Central Line dressing changed. Alas, Bart came back.
While we were chatting, Andy played pool. I cheered from afar.

And finally, my eyes have been feeling a bit drier, a tad grittier than normal. Pre-transplant, my NIH ophthalmologist cautioned me against wearing contact lenses post-transplant, as GvH can affect the eyes and often begins with minor eye irritation. It’s been 25 days now, that I’ve only worn my glasses, and really my eyes aren’t that bad. Andy calls this my sexy librarian look. I add sexy bald librarian look. And then laugh.

Anyway, over the past few days, I’ve been taking these eye drops that have helped to keep my eyes comfortable. It makes me grateful for modern medicine and science, my Team and all of the people who support me. Speaking of which…..thank you for your wonderful comments and texts, messenger chats and emails – I don’t always respond, but I read them all and they really help to inspire me. Your words reinforce the notion that I’m not alone in this process, and I thank you for that. ❤

Wonderful drops for my eyes!

Thanks Day + 25, this marks the 1/4 point to Day 100! We are off!

  1. You are definitely not alone even if you feel alone-you have so many people rooting for you! So glad you don’t have H vs. G!!!! Wishing you good thoughts for solid liquids for you tomorrow ❤️❤️


    1. Ah yes look forward to that soup and smoothie! Keep TRUSTING the process:) I think you look super erudite in your glasses🤓
      Miss you my dear


  2. “Ms. Chrislock did not challenge herself….”
    I call bullshit. All you do is challenge yourself. Then overcome. Then challenge yourself again. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. You have challenged yourself more than anyone I know. Suzuki violin through Book 9, Iron men triathlons, crewing, planks bone marrow transplant. There is no end. You did well to react with humor to the good doctors comment about your liquid diet.
    So glad the pathology went well. Keep getting better.


  4. Dr Owie…I love it!!! You’ll remember these key people in your life and the sometimes absurd messages they bring. So glad medical science is giving you what you need. As one who has dealt with clear liquids I totally sympathize. Hang in there. Your gut will recover. Your dad is right!!


  5. Whether it’s the sexy look, the bald look, the librarian look or all 3 combined, you are beautiful !! Good luck with solid-type liquids. You need to get stronger!! You’re in my thoughts as I see my bags all lined up and wonder if today is the day I find out, when my trip starts!! Still frothing ❤️


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