Day +24, Friday

Photo of the Day: I’ve been upgraded from NPO (no food, only sips of water) to the “Clear Liquids” list. Even if I called patient room service and tried to, say, order a cheeseburger, they’ve been given strict instructions to ONLY let me pick from the above list. My taste buds are like WTF. My entire GI system, on the other hand, says thank you.

Today things got really wild and crazy when I drank a ginger ale and ordered an orange popsicle. What can I say? -I’m living on the edge. Actually, my Team took me off the “no eating/let’s let your gut rest” diet, and okayed me for Clear Liquids. And that’s cool, so I had a lot of Lemmon drop candies (thank you Melissa!), and later busted out the ginger ale. I’m still a little anxious about solids, given the diarrhea from the other day, I mean let’s be honest – you would be too.

And I learned something interesting about GI Graft vs Host Disease. Unlike other gut illnesses that cause diarrhea, in the case of GvH, if there’s no solids in the system, there’s no diarrhea. Hence, why my Team wanted to give my gut a “cooling off” period from all solids. Given how shitty I felt, I wasn’t about to disagree.

My “gingerale”. The nutrition folks came by with Ensure Clear. It seems ambitious, but I’m willing to try

My day was generally very low key. With no food in my system (strike 1), and my body making lots of new blood cells (strike 2), and a hemoglobin count of 8.8 (strike 3), recovering from Chemo (strike 4), and whatever GI thing this is (strike 5) – I’m toasted (was going to say pooped, but that seemed a bit much). I’m just plain tired. Bart and I are back together and I’ve been given fluids, which helps, and the more important anti organ rejection medications via IV (we want to make sure they are absorbed completely into my system). I spent a good bit of the day in bed, some napping, some reading. Later on, I perked up and spoke with family. Andy, Lucy and my Parents. Hospitals are lonely, and I miss them all. I know it’s not forever that I’ll be here and I’m grateful that this issue with my GI happened while I was still inpatient – but I would do anything for a hug from Mom or just to curl up with Andy, wrapped in his arms. FaceTime, Zoom, will have to do.

For now,

Hopefully by tomorrow, pathology will have the results from my colon biopsy back and we can start a routine that helps my GI system. Until then, I’ll be sure to use the bathroom when in doubt (is this a fart….? Or something else…..) And we’ll just move forward, one step at a time, because that’s all I can do at this point.

Oh, and I’m going to curl up with my popsicle and watch the latest episode of the Great British Baking Show. It’s the little things right now that matter so much, and that I’m so grateful for. Thanks day +24!

  1. Quiet days are good. Hope all turns out well with the pathology.
    Mom is frothing at the mouth to be with you. SOON.
    Thanks for the call. You sounded good. All will be well.


  2. Yesterday’s call was welcomed; we were happy to know you have been cleared to put something in your stomach. Orange popsicle – YUM! As Dad said – I’m frothing at the mouth to be with you. Right now. It can’t come soon enough. Until then, I’ll stay packed and wait for airline tickets.


  3. Is amazing how one body function (your gut) can just take over and demand so much attention! You are handing this like the strong athlete you are -and so the marathon continues. I wish you sleep and much energy. You will do this.


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