Day +26, Sunday

Photo of the Day: Upgraded! I’ve been upgraded from a Clear Liquid Diet to….a FULL Liquid Diet. What does this entail? Basically it adds dairy products – ice cream, shakes, yogurt, milk – to my list of approved foods/liquids, and a few other more calorie-dense things as well, such as tomato soup, blended chicken noodle soup, shakes, and smoothies. I can’t have the strawberry-banana smoothie, because berries are not allowed in my immune-suppressed state, as there’s a potential for mold in the seeds. But the mango-banana smoothie was a go. It was so good in fact, that I had two.

Rounds were interesting today. Dr Owie, head doc in rotation on 3NE right now, and Dr. Dan from my GATA2 Team were briefing me on the plan for today, when Andy hissed. Very loudly.

Monster (appropriately named, and one of our cats) had chased another cat up the stairs. And Andy, trying to be ever so stealthy, thought he had muted himself on the laptop. And then he spoke the language of cat, and hissed at Monster. Dr. Owie paused mid-sentence. Dr. Dan looked surprised. And collectively, the three of us looked at my phone, to where Andy was.

There was a pause, and silence where no-one spoke. But then Dr. Owie cleared his throat and continued as though nothing had happened, as though he had not heard a grown man hissing via Zoom.

Thank you 2020.

Later we laughed.

My numbers

This is where I’m at today. Since I’m no longer getting the GCSF (hormone that stimulates bone marrow to produce blood cells), my counts have been declining. I’ve been told this is normal, all part of the process. That being said, I don’t like seeing my counts drop; I don’t think anyone would. My cells have engrafted, that much we know. And I’m producing cells that I’ve never had before – monocytes and my Absolute Lymphocyte Count is very slowly rising every day. But as a naturally anxious person, I would feel a lot better if my numbers were higher.

But I’m working on that trust thing. My Team is confident and they’ve been here with 71 other patients. Since this is all new to me, well, it’s all new to me. So I’m working on leaning into that trust, and believing that all will be well. I’ll let the professionals handle the medical stuff, and I’ll continue to do the things I need to do, in order to make myself feel as good as possible.

Like laundry. And folded laundry (both happened yesterday). And walks around the hospital, accompanied by Bart. And reading. And FT/Zoom dates with family/friends (it was great to see you Robbie!) And when I really want to be distracted, BRAVO or Netflix. Today I enjoyed a few episodes of The Crown and The Great British Baking Show.

I love this show. It makes me want to bake. Perhaps when I’m out of the hospital, I’ll have a go at Gingerbread and Royal Icing. Or scones….or bread. As long as I don’t have a soggy bottom (and that is not a reference to my recent GI issues…it’s what Paul, above, calls things that are under-baked).

Otherwise, it was quiet today. Charlotte was again my nurse, and I really enjoy our conversations. And she’s super patient with Bart, who continues to sing the song of his people and beep at the most random of times. Sometimes it’s because there are air bubbles in the line, other times because medication just needs to be changed out. Bart is very needy, but he’s looking out for my own good. While I appreciate him in my life, I’m looking forward to the day where he’s no longer needed, no offense Bart.

Overall, it was a good weekend, where my body cooperated. I didn’t struggle with a lot of pain, and my GI distress was largely kept in check. Here’s to a new week, filled with promise, possibility, and gratitude, and perhaps even a release from the hospital. But just as important, to not hissing at cats when you’re live on zoom. Yes, that too.

  1. Yay yay yay, i see some turkey trotting in 2021! Official or not. And too funny about andy hissing. My grandmother used to hiss at our cat Frisky ( great name i know) bc she didnt like cats! Frisky didnt like my grandmother either. Lol
    hugs hugs hugs


  2. Quiet and calm sound good, much better than panic and fear. I hope the coming week brings ascending numbers and additional interesting food choices. Those would be good Thanksgiving gifts.


  3. Maybe a question to be answered in your next post. What is the difference between your nurse, charge nurse, and primary nurse? And, what is a PCT?
    All those clear liquids make me glad that you have graduated beyond. Looking forward to you being in Twizzler Time again.


  4. Lean in Gal! If you are going to be a baker like the Brits you need to learn how to proof! Love that show but it makes me damn hungry!


  5. I love scones!! I have had some successful attempts and unsuccessful attempts at baking them!! Praying for you every day!! Look forward to seeing you back at HEW…. you’ve got this!!


  6. Keep on keeping on. What did Andy’s hissing sound like?
    So glad your food intake is expanding. Dobrou chutnani.
    Happy to hear that pain is subsiding.
    Continue to feel better!


  7. A hissing Andy??? Can’t imagine that ever happening!!! Monster must have been a very naughty kitty. Who was she after?????
    Nice to see your food upgrade! Milk products = Yummy! Glad pain has subsided somewhat. Now for the next steps.


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