Days +199, +200, +201, +202, Friday through Monday

Photo of the Day (Friday): Metamorphosis exhibit, NC Arboretum
Photo of the Day (Saturday): Andy and Dad, somewhere on our land
Photo of the Day (Sunday): the less-often seen backside of Biltmore House
Photo of the Day (Monday): The Faceless Pentamidine Treatment

Currently its Tuesday afternoon, and I’ve had a whirlwind time with my folks. We are set to leave for the airport in an hour; while they finished packing, I thought I would do a quick summary of the past few days through Monday. Somewhere along the way – Saturday – I entered the 200s, in my days post-transplant. I am so lucky to be here!

Overall it’s been a whirlwind time with my folks. Honestly, I think they’ve been saving up all of their pandemic quarantine energy, and decided to release it on the greater Western NC area. I’ve enjoyed my time with them – between a lovely afternoon at the NC Arboretum, a tour of the Biltmore, meeting Andy’s Mom’s family at Turgua Brewing, exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway, and an epic game of “That’s What She Said”, its been a blast. Proud moment for me, but I need to boast that I won last nights’ game: I don’t know if this is terrible or hilarious, so I’ll pick the later. I also enjoyed a quick sushi date with Jenni, who was in town for a few short days – good friends are like that, though….you just pick up as though no time has passed and it all seems to make sense. And apparently, we both got the memo on jean jackets.

I’m doing well, overall, and my body is (mostly) behaving. Over the weekend, I had a bit of a sore throat, so copious amounts of my favorite tea worked wonders. We also watched a few episodes of the 1970s cult classic British Comedy “Fawlty Towers” and I snuck in the movie World War Z, a personal favorite. Through my folks’ visit, I managed to make it to the gym and while I didn’t love all of the HEW (Hard Exercise Works) workouts, I did them regardless. Sometimes you just need to do the things you don’t want to do. I’ve proven that I can do hard things – I can do this as well.

And that’s it! I hope that you are doing well…more later, and perhaps I’ll edit and upload a few DSLR photos from the trip. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Jean jacket twins! I told Jeni I loved her hair, she laughed and touched mine. We ate a lot of sushi, talked even more and generally caught up like no time has passed, as old friends do ❤️
She was being so kind and offered to take our picture. Then we helpfully pointed out we were already on a timer. She was surprised.
Much better – taken by our new friend! From the Mt Pisgah Inn – good times with Andy & my folks.
Because they are good for me, but ick.
Hello from Turgua Brewing! Lawn concert with Andy’s Mom’s family & my folks. From L-R: Nancy, Richard, Andy, moi, Dad & Mom. Mazel!
Quilt Garden, NC Arboretum
Dad, me & my floppy hat at the NC Arboretum
One of my favorite movies (and books): World War Z. It’s a fascinating study of how societies & humans face adversity (in the form of a viral pandemic) and the choices they make moving forward. Plus, I think it’s cool because I would survive- at least the movie version.

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