Day +197 & +198, Wednesday & Thursday

Photo of the Day (Wednesday): rainy day kitchen helpers.
Photo of the Day (Thursday): waiting for an amazing lunch at Black Mountain’s “True Food”. Classic Americana, missing the pitchfork, but with the added bonus of a beer.

This week has flown by and it’s Friday morning – I’m sipping coffee in bed, working up the gumption to hit up one of the morning HEW classes. Today’s class involves burpees – the Devil’s Exercise. I hate burpees. But this probably means the workout would be good for me, you know, because doing the things you don’t like can make you stronger and all that jazz. Yeah. I’ll let you know what happens- stay tuned.

The past two days with my folks here have flown by, and I’m really enjoying my time with them! Wednesday was a wash, cold and rainy all day. The Seattle-like weather was perfect for crock potting (yes, a verb), a visit with neighbor Breege, and later we enjoyed a Zoom date with our Bainbridge Island family (a ferry ride from Seattle) – a trip to the Pacific NW will be in my future and I’m excited!

Thursday I endured another early gut wrenching workout, doing my best to hang with awesome athlete Niki. I kept her in my sites, the perfect carrot, and squeaked in just under 18 minutes. I discovered a few things, mostly that my lungs worked well, and heart rate topped out at 185. But more importantly, that my body is getting stronger and that mental “go get em” attitude is ever present. Stretching & chatting after with Niki & the coaches was great!

Later, my folks & I headed to Montreat & Black Mountain, enjoying the college, a few trails and a wonderful lunch. After, I had my taxes done (phew!), and we enjoyed an evening with Andy’s Dad’s family. It was wonderful to see Nancy, Dolly & TK, hugging them was a gift!

Rainy Wednesday
Kitchen Helpers
From L-R: Dolly, Andy, Nancy, Mom & Dad

I’m feeling good, doing my best to balance everything while listening to my body. Um, to be fair, I think that’s what we’ve ALL been doing this past year, so there you go. My body is tired – but given the intensity of my HEW workouts, that’s not unexpected. I’m not hiking long/far distances this week, an effort to spend time with my folks while giving my body an opportunity to recover from a few weeks of longer hikes. Periodization training, if you may. Skin is behaving, so too are my eyes, GI system and nail cuticles (which had several infections two weeks ago). Even better, yesterday at Whole Foods, I discovered my top, very favorite, best chapstick EVER – EvenHealy Whipped Shea Butter. My lips are happy!

And finally, I’ve succumbed to a new low. Last nights’ 30-minute walk with Andy wasn’t “enough” to close my daily Apple Watch rings. So for 4 minutes, I walked up the stairs, and down the stairs. And up the stairs. And down the stairs. And you get it. Mom was horrified, Dad hid behind his book and Andy stayed in the bathroom. Yes, it’s a new low, but I did it. Closed!

And as a side note, when I first returned from the NIH, I could barely walk 1 flight of stairs without needing to sit down. Yesterday, I did so for 4 minutes, until my watch told me to stop (exercise ring closed). I could have kept going – but it was late. That being said, if that’s not a display of progress, I’m not sure what is. Still can’t believe I DID that, but oh well. Time to move on!

Well played, Apple, well played.

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