Day +170, Thursday

Photo of the Day: Breakfast for dinner!! Avocado Toast!! Huzzah!!!

I know, I know, it’s challenging to make eggs look appealing. But I did my best. And besides, Avocado Toast has come up 3X in the past 36 hours, it was high time that I do something about it.

Yes, it was delicious!

Today was lovely with no lab draws or clinic appointments. I enjoyed breakfast and coffee downstairs and with nowhere to rush off to, ended up falling asleep for a short while. I awoke just before the alarm, got dressed and headed to HEW for the noon workout. Again, the workout kicked my tush even though I modified some of the movements (step ups instead of box jumps, lighter kettlebells, etc). I was proud of myself for just hanging in there and chipping away, set by set. It wasn’t easy and I felt slow on the run – but a desire to be strong, increase my endurance and sheer stubbornness kept me at it. My favorite part was cheering for a few of my friends – Cynthia, Rachael & Krysten, who happened to be at the noon class.

Post workout, I needed food & fluids. Rather than eating a bar en route to go hike, I just went home. The shower was so lovely, I may have whimpered. Then it was reading, food, water (not in that order), followed by my Better Together virtual group at 4. My group had just ended as Andy walked through the door, and we spent an hour or two assembling the wood & making various angled cuts for the coffee table.

A week or two ago, there was a coffee table I saw and we both liked the design. With leftover wood from the accent wall, we’ve decided to try our hand at a few pieces of furniture- namely a coffee table and floating shelves. The hairpin legs I ordered came in the other day; though this evening, we stopped when all cuts were made.

Measure twice, cut once….
Notch in the board.

Physically I’m doing OK. I’ve been more tired, but with challenging myself workout-wise, a certain level of this is acceptable. My face skin remains sensitive, so much that I applied a very thin layer of hydrocortisone to help with the discomfort & tightness. This worked 10 days ago; I’ll be genuinely curious about what my Dermatology Team at NIH says about my skin overall, or if they have any additional suggestions. My bellybutton is still dealing with its yeast infection- likely this won’t go away until after I’m off Tacrolimus even though I apply topically Nystatin and take Fluconazole. Wilma – the cyst on my abdomen – continues to shrink, thankfully.

As for weird stuff….there’s a spot in the middle of my back that I just can’t reach – it’s dry and itchy, likely because it’s dry. And, the hairs on my legs are growing more & more – I know this because I felt them catching on my jeans earlier. And finally, my flatulence has diminished, the box of Muselix passing through my system with no major upheaval. But it just tasted so good at the time! Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking but the other day, cereal and milk just sounded WONDERFUL. Next time, I won’t select a cereal containing so much fiber it could bring relief to an elephant.

Sorry about that visual, but on that happy note, have a terrific Friday!

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