Day +169, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Dinner with Andy’s mom & stepfather – they all made my night!!

Wednesday was solid at the start, early too. I was out the door a tad before Andy and just made the start of my 7 am Hard Exercise Works “boot camp” class. The workout was fun and involved a lot of lunges, which pretty much means that tomorrow my legs aren’t going to work. Transitioning between lunges, ring rows, running and planks did not come naturally, so I just put my head down and methodically did the work. My heart rate maxed at 173 bpm; within one minute post workout, it was down to 145, and after two minutes I was sitting pretty at 124.

Er, sitting pretty is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

Post workout I stretched – I just feel slower and getting into all these bendy positions takes time (think Tinman from The Wizard of Oz). As long as I stay with it, keep moving, and taking things step by step, I know my body will continue to get stronger.

Post-workout, I cleaned up and headed to my 9 am dermatology appointment, with a quick detour to Green Sage for coffee and avocado toast. Thankfully, I was still on time for my appointment, thus setting a new medical appointment punctuality record of 3/3 this week.

Dermatology was good: Wilma (cyst) continues to improve and biopsy results came back benign. I had a full body skin check, with a spot on the top of my head biopsied. Because I’ve had this re-occurring scab for years and two previous skin cancers, I’m fairly certain it will be cancerous or pre-cancerous. In order to retrieve this biopsy, I technically had to have my fuzzy duckling hair trimmed. And then Dr M efficiently cauterized the wound; the sizzling of my skin made me queasy.

That would be the spot! Oh well, it’s not as though my hair is even lengths anyway,

The rest of my appointment was good – we discussed skincare products (simple and less is more), and explored additional options to help with rosacea-associated skin discomfort. As a side note, there’s nothing we can do about my rosy complexion, except for lasers, should I want to pursue this in the future; for now, I’m good. She also took a look at my feet and noted the re-emergence of warts; once I’m off Tacrolimus at the +6 month mark, there may be an option to use a medication called Wart Peel. But that’s only if I’m off immunosuppressives. Overall, I felt really good about Dr M and have enjoyed my two appointments with her.

The fatigue really hit me as I was driving home. I had planned on meeting Andy for lunch, but with the one-way drive to his work site clocking in at 70 minutes, I had to accept that it was too much for my body to handle. Instead, I read, rested, tidied up and made preparations for dinner with Andy, Nancy and Richard.

My body said thanks.

As a side note, family is so important – it meant a lot to be able to spend time with Nancy & Richard. After dinner, it was fun to just sit around the kitchen table and reconnect…I’ve been so thankful for their support & love.

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got. I’m tired, skin is the same, but I also feel good about my day and listening to my body when it needed to rest. My toe still hurts and I definitely felt it while lunging during my HEW workout. I’ve also been a tad gassier over the past few hours, slightly alarming even to myself. (Andy moved to the other side of the couch). But that’s just what happens when you eat a box of Muselix in less than 24 hours. Whoops! Moving on… I’ve still got post-nasal drip (allergies, I suspect) and it’s causing a bit of a sore throat. But with the fatigue and in my immune compromised state, I’ll definitely stay on top of this.

OK , that’s all I’ve got! Have a terrific Thursday everyone & thanks for reading and goodnight!

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