Day +158 & +159, The Weekend

Photo of the Day (Saturday): After the accent wall was completed, Andy made a floating shelf. Monster was the perfect test subject to ensure its “structural soundness” (if that’s even a word).
Photo of the Day (Sunday): I ate a Reuben for the first time in 6+ months. I was very very happy.

The weekend was good. We decided to tackle our “Accent Wall” project and figured it would be a full-day undertaking; I was pleasantly surprised when Andy brought me breakfast & tea in bed at 9 am on Saturday. Our black-out shades are wonderful because they don’t let any light in, but they are also terrible because, well, they don’t let any light in. I’m usually a gal who loves to wake with the sunrise, so when I don’t, well, lately I’ve been forgiving. BUT – Saturday, we had a plan, and Andy’s thoughtful breakfast got me going.

It was a lot of work, but the wall – made from an old recycled Hemlock-wood Barn – came out great!

It was exhausting, but felt good. In the end, it inspired us to think of what else we needed to complete our living room. For so long (about a year), we’ve had a pool table in our living room; but now that the State is opening back up and Andy has had both of his COVID shots, we really don’t have a need for the table. SO….we ended up purchasing a couch. Yes, I’m excited, and yes, I’m already dreaming of spending more time downstairs. It’ll be a process to eventually “have” a living room, but I’m excited. The accent wall was key – great to get the both of us motivated to transition the room from “pool table” room to “living room”. Woot!

Sunday was nice – an early pancake breakfast with tea, followed by cleaning and house prep for the next projects. Later in the day, we ended up driving to see our new couch and committed to picking it up the following weekend. We ended the day with a stop at Creekside Taphouse, where I had possibly the best Reuben Sandwich in my life – or at least in the past 20-ish years, since I’ve been to Cecil’s Deli in Saint Paul. Their Reubins are magic, and I always think of my grandmother fondly (she loved to call people, “Reubin.” Honestly, Babi – you’re not alone.) It was a lovely dinner. Driving home, I told Andy we had to watch the sunset off of Sweeten Creek. He agreed:

Sunset, as shot with my iPhone, from Sweeten Creek Road

And that was it for weekend stuff, as far as I can remember.

My body is doing well, with the exception of my facial skin. It seems as though wherever there’s been a previous skin “injury” (Think sunburn, rash, piercing, scar, etc…) – but wherever there’s been a skin injury, my new blood cells are very anxious to attack and make sure everything is OK. With my shoulders, that’s one thing. On my face….that’s less amenable. For the first time on Saturday, I ended up using Hydrocortisone on my face. I wouldn’t normally go this route but 1) my skin really hurt and 2) it helped. A LOT. I’m not sure what it was – perhaps I was having a rosacea flare, or my facial skin was just extremely sensitive….but all I know is that by Sunday, my facial skin hurt less, so that’s a win in my book. Otherwise, doing well, thankfully, even Wilma.

Have a wonderful week Everyone!

  1. Glad to see that you are so active and that Rubens taste good. Couches are more suitable in living rooms than pool tables.
    Live it up!


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