Day +157, Friday

Photo of the Day: Z soap, to help with rosacea irritation. And no, Z does not stand for zombies, rather zinc.

Friday was cold, again. How cold? Fucking cold…and as I’m from Minnesota, I get to say that. Actually, it was frigid not only due to chilly temps, but also a very brisk wind that sent branches from our front tree waving so wildly, that the front doorbell motion detector went off. So that was a thing.

And with my face skin already sensitive from my rosacea, exposing myself to the elements just didn’t sound all that appealing. One day I’ll manage just fine – today was not that day.

So instead, I did some grad school work and research for my fall 2021 start (yay!), read, cleaned (in bouts), read, watched Buffy, fell asleep watching Buffy, and the most glamorous – did finance/bills stuff. That’s always my least favorite, the finance bit, but gives me just the BEST sense of accomplishment once it’s done. My shower was glorious, and I shampooed with an old favorite, Aveda Shampure, which made my fuzzy duckling hair especially fuzzy.

Post shower, I did notice more redness & bumps on my chest & shoulders and actually applied hydrocortisone cream (something I haven’t done in over a month). My skin was also very dry, so I made sure to use my Vanicream lotion. Also, my belly button continues to be red and flaky in the interior, which befuddles me. Could it be that I’m a “squishy”? Meaning, my belly button is squished together rather than being long & lean (think swimsuit model). Yeah – I’m not gifted in the belly button department; that being said, I don’t want some weird infection creeping up on me.

Other weird things – Wilma. She’s still parked under my left rib, just chilling, not really moving much. Oh well – it is what it is. I’m sure Dr W will be surprised when I bring these things up on Tuesday, but it won’t phase him. Whenever I would have embarrassing things (in my opinion) happen both in & out of the hospital, I would always bring it up with my providers. It sucked, at times, and it wasn’t necessarily fun to talk about – but I also recognized that I had just undergone a Stem Cell Transplant and to be frank, weird shit just happens with your body. Plus, I wanted answers and if I was lucky, a solution; more importantly, I needed my Team to know lest this be something really important.

At this point, bringing up Wilma and a red bellybutton with Dr W seems like no biggie compared to discussing my hemorrhoids, bloody pee and stools with a roomful of doctors similar in age to myself. Yeah. If I can do that, I can do anything.

Later, Andy and I enjoyed leftovers and then just chatting in the kitchen. It got spicy when we sang to each other, accompanied by Alexa. That actually would have been my photo of the day – Andy & myself at the kitchen table, together – but that was too important of a moment to interrupt. Next time, perhaps, I’ll have my camera ready. I don’t regret a thing – that was such a nice time with him.

And on that note – goodnight!

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