Day +131, Sunday

Photo of the Day: Camera screenshot that was going to be my original photo of the day (watching Andy qualify in 8-Ball for the World Pool – billiards – Championships, at our Air B&B this morning). This is me, rolling with the punches & trying to do my best. Oh, and the internet went down, so transferring files is more work than I’m prepared to do.

To summarize – long weekend to Knoxville & back, Andy played pool while I pretty much hung out anywhere but the pool hall, watched a lot of FB Live feeds of Andy during his matches, explored a bit of Knoxville & the Ijams preserve, tried to not be too angry at lack of mask wearing (but ooooohh!), napped in a warm car, drank way too much coffee, and ate a huge pasta dinner upon arriving home safely. Even better: Andy won his 8-Ball match this morning and is headed to the World Championships in Las Vegas in August. I’m really proud of him, not because he won, but because he played the kind of pool that mattered to him. At the end of the day, that’s much more meaningful than another plaque on the wall or trophy in the closet.

I’ll eventually upload my photos and share some thoughts on the weekend, but for now I’m headed to bed. I’m beat, it’s late, goodnight!

  1. Congrats to Andy. I’ve seen him play pool and he is a fabulous player. Sorry to see that most were not wearing masks.
    Hope this finds you well.

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