Day +130, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Road tripping to Knoxville, TN officially began after coffee. Pre-transplant, I was a sucker for Panera Hazelnut coffee – and I’m happy to say that today it tasted just as great as it did before. Even my GI/reflux handled it- I call that a win.

Technically, Panera wasn’t my first stop. Before actually getting on the road, my morning consisted of packing my stuff, feeding cats, and gathering way too many medications to count. Then it was a matter of gassing up, and taking the preemptive step of filling my tires with air before the low tire pressure gauge came on. I was very proud of myself.

Somewhere on the 40 West, driving the winding freeway past Smokey Mountain National Park.

No, my day did not start off with a hike, not even zipping past the Smokies. Honestly, after yesterday, I was tired. And by the time I got to Knoxville, Andy’s matches were being FB LiveStreamed by Dusty, one of the owners of FatCatz (Asheville based pool hall that Andy and sometime myself will play from). Instead, I decided to settle into the nearby Air B&B and cheer from afar. What can I say, except it’s a combo of 4-months post transplant and a global pandemic, and I need to take care of my health.

I was actually warned ahead of time by Andy & Dusty to not step foot in the pool hall, as social distancing was not being practiced and the mask mandate wasn’t enforced. Except for Andy – he wore a mask the entire time, even during his matches. I’m disappointed- but I guess I didn’t really expect anything less – which is sad. It was even surprising to see an APA Official walk past the livestream, without a face covering. What can you do? Me, I choose to stay in the Air B&B and do my best to be safe.

Andy, en rout to winning his Round Four 8-Ball match 5-3 against Bobby. I think I yelled more than once, it was that close. Technology is amazing.

I’m not sure how late of a night it will be, as these things can go very late. I’ve been drinking tons of hot tea and messaging back and forth with folks that I know in the pool hall, but really, your guess is as good as mine. OK – time for more hot tea!

I hope that wherever you are, it’s been a great Saturday!

  1. I was watching FB Live too, but don’t know how anything is scored or what it all means. How did it end? Go Andy!


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