Day +102, Saturday

Photo of the Day: I’m not sure what we were grinning at, but we were doing it together, and that is a wonderful thing.

We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning, here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It’s beautiful, really, and romantic and nostalgic all at once. The flurries and snow squalls blew through late afternoon, but at this point – nearly 10 pm – we’ve got a blanket of fresh snow on the ground, with more expected to fall overnight. Waking up tomorrow will be an adventure!

Today was great, lovely really. Feeding kitties and making creamy tea in my own kitchen was better than I could have imagined. Andy and I caught up with each other while I unpacked the previous four months. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve still got suitcases to go, but at least it’s a (small) start.

Later, Andy & I took Mom to the spot we want to build a future house together, explored some of the windy Mills River back roads and visited Bold Rock Cidery. Mom enjoyed their Pear variety, and it was something we thought she would enjoy experiencing. Yes, it was chilly, but sitting outside on a back deck wasn’t so bad. And I discovered that my wig functions as an extra layer of warmth, so that’s cool too.

Oh! And I wore my wig for the first time! It wasn’t that big of a deal, actually. With my skin sensitivity, it wasn’t really something I wanted to do before, even while visiting the NIH for my follow-up appointments, in spite of the soft lining. But today seemed like a nice time to break it in.

Returning home, I fell asleep on Andy’s chest while he watched This Old House and it flurried outside. Later Debbie & the girls came over and it was just lovely to sit in the kitchen & catch up.

Everyone wore masks. These are my people….I love them so! From L-R: Andy, Debbie, Mom, Kayla & Zoey ❤️

The three of us later enjoyed dinner of crock pot pulled chicken with lots of goodness & flavor. Andy’s recipe was awesome (thank you Stirling & Leslie) and followed it up with watching the latest episode of A Discovery of Witches and then The Princess Bride. I think between the two of us, Andy and I quoted half the movie, but that’s also half the fun.


I’m doing well, overall. Happy. Happy to be home, grateful. I understand that this is another step in my transplant journey. I was surprised when I first got out of the hospital – for so long, the goal was my Stem Cell Transplant itself…I had never really thought about what would happen after. But Mom and I made it through our time in Bethesda; and I suspect that by taking things day-by-day, it will be similar here (though Mom returns to Minnesota next Friday, February 12).

My body is feeling OK, though eyes were puffy this morning. Then again, they are always puffy in the morning. My skin is also dry, but then again…my skin is always dry. Overall I really can’t complain. I’m tired – yes, but I drove 7-ish hours yesterday. At this point, it’s just a (I hate to say it again) but its just a day-by-day thing. Wake up and manage whatever is happening. Per usual, there will be good days, bad days, great days and everything in between. I’m grateful to be here in this moment, with wonderful family and friends by my side.

And snow – can’t forget about that one. I actually jumped up and down when I looked out the window earlier – it is just wonderful to experience this here and now, and in this moment with Andy.

With that, goodnight!

10-ish something pm. I may need to take a walk before bed.

  1. We hope that there will be many more good days and VERY few bad ones
    I loved seeing you and Andy o happy. You made my day. Home is where it’s at. Have fun.


  2. Marit and snow have a long and wonderful history! Even as a toddler she wanted to play and frolic in it. All the time! As she grew older, it became cross country skiing.
    I loved seeing their land! And the house they will build on it. Such a great view of the mountains. Such a great place to wake up and greet the day. Such a great place to grow old together.
    Later we visited the the Bold Rock Cidery, had a sit down and enjoyed French fries. Later Debbie and the girls dropped by. I was amazed at how much they had matured and grown.
    We watched “Princess Bride” later that evening!! So much fun to hear Marit and Andy recite parts of the movie in tandem. So nice to see them in tandem.


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