Day +101, Friday

Photo of the Day: It was an emotional experience, my transplant was. And I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by fear, so I worked extremely hard to stay focused, take things day by day, and remain present. A few days ago, the enormity of what just happened began to set it, and I felt overall a bit more emotional. I cried leaving Bethesda and passing the NIH, and again crossing into Western North Carolina at Sam’s Gap on the Tennessee boarder, a spot I’ll frequent while hiking the Appalachian Trail up to Big Bald. My tears came again as we drew closer to home. By the time I opened my car door and flew into Andy’s arms, I was sobbing – big tears of happiness, relief, of gratitude. I am thankful for so much!


Final bit of packing. Mom tetriscized the car (like Tetris, only with suitcases and random assorted belongings)
Descending the NC/TN pass on the 26, looking towards some high peaks in Western Carolina.
He decorated!! With most excellent help from Debbie (my friend & Andys sister). Walking through the door was incredible and made me smile & tear up all over again. There were a zillion balloons – ok, 53, but it was wonderful and made me feel so special.
Celebrating ❤️
He also crock pots! Dinner was super yummy, and here, he’s pointing out the banner (yes, there was a banner!)
BananaBear ❤️

  1. We arrived last night to a house full of celebrations, hugs and balloons, and love!! And good smells, too. Andy cooked a chicken, cheese and bean crock pot dish that was remarkable. I had seconds. We celebrated with champagne and smiles all around. So nice to be in a real bed, with good feelings coming through the walls.
    The improvements made in the condo have changed the place entirely. Andy is so talented in so many ways. We are so lucky that he is in our lives. ❤️❤️


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