Day +96, Sunday

Photo of the Day: Mom on the 10th floor, looking over a snowy Bethesda

It snowed today – all day. Peeking through the blinds in the early hours of the day, the snow made me happy. And a big part of the day, Mom and I spent hanging out in the living room, enjoying the sight of swirling flakes, chatting, and drinking hot tea. I lit my Rewined candle, enjoying the beautiful Cider-y aroma. Total snowfall hovered between 1.5-2.5 inches locally, and I’m interested to see what happens tomorrow weather-wise.

My body is doing OK today – I spent a bit of time in the bathroom, my GI system re-regulating itself after being on pain meds for my stubborn UTI and ear surgery. I’m grateful for Colase. Thankfully, both UTI & ear from a pain-perspective are doing better. And this week Wednesday, my stitches are removed, so that’s also awesome. My skin is still irritated and sensitive, a slight rash covering both arms that were exposed to cashmere. I’ll continue to apply Triamcinolone; otherwise, my facial skin is much better, the rosacea medicine and Eucerin face lotion both helping with dryness and sensitivity. Later, Mom and I watched Top Chef, visited the snowy roof, and enjoyed a Zoom date with Dad and Andy where I joked about my magical elf ear. It’s my final Sunday night here in Bethesda – this next week I’m in the Clinical Center Monday and Thursday, and at Walter Reed on Wednesday. We return home on Friday – and I can’t wait.

Make it a wonderful week everyone!

Reflections on the roof
Mom really liked this perspective. I was happy she pointed it out to me.
Looking towards the NIH, which can’t be seen due to snow/fog/mist
Foggy glasses – a thing in 2020. And 2021.
Deck chairs
Bethesda neighborhoods, roofs covered in snow.

  1. I’m happy you like snow. Wonderful that you are feeling good. It was fun viewing you and Mom when you couldn’t stop laughing about a certain issue while we were zooming. I thought Grace sent some beautiful comments in her response to your yesterday,s post.
    Oh boy Friday and Asheville are on the horizon!!!


  2. It snowed today, all day!! And it will continue all day tomorrow!! Ever since Marit was little, she loved the snow. One of her favorite pastimes ever, was to open a new book the Friday after Thanksgiving, sit on the couch adjacent to the large window in the living room overlooking Como Lake and read, with a short glance out the window every now and then to check on the snow!! And tomorrow we’ll go out and build a snowman.
    Watching Top Chef, zooming with Winston and Andy and laughing – deep belly laughs with Marit was my favorite part of the day.
    There are 3 more hospital visits and we’ll be on our way home to Asheville I’ll return home a week later. I have missed Winston, our home, friends and swimming at the Y! It will be good to be home again❤️


  3. I am sure this last week will be full of anticipation as you contemplate finishing up at NIH. What a time you have had these past few months: a transplant, new people, field trips, and days with your mom! Maybe leaving will even be a tad bittersweet.


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