Day +94, Friday

Photo of the Day: Carefully removing my post-surgery dressing. Yes, my ear sticks out (still), and rather than a cactus or Baby Yoda-like appendage, I think my NIH Team’s assertion of an “elf ear” is most apt.

Originally my plan was to drive out somewhere to the Appalachian Trail and go for a long hike. Yes, I was tired, but I figured a quick late morning nap would do the trick. 4-hours later, I awoke to a phone call from Andy. I wasn’t really upset, first because I love chatting with Andy and it was an incredible feeling to be able to say I’ll see you next Friday!, and second because obviously my body needed the sleep. I’m still tired, yes, and I’m glad I got some extra rest.

This morning’s dressing removal went well. My stitches look OK, according to Mom and the photos she took with my phone. From the front side, I really do think my ear looks elf-ish, and that’s OK. Maybe I can channel extra powers or something through the slight point at the tip.

Aside from tired and elfish, I’m feeling pretty good. My UTI/BK infection is much much better, which makes me believe the Cipro is helping. I most definitely appreciate not wincing every time I pee. Also, my skin continues to improve with the help of metronidazole for my rosacea, and triamcinolone for the rash on my shoulders and chest (pretty much only on sun damaged areas).

Otherwise, today I read, watched Designated Survivor with Mom, chatted with Dad and Andy, caught up on my rest, ate some delicious Miche bread and embraced my inner elf. Tomorrow is supposed to be a clear and sunny, and by Sunday, the local forecast is calling for snow. Life is good!

My new, very slightly pointed elf ear! And, in this light, we can see even more fuzz on my head. I’m smiling because the Miche is over my other shoulder – and it was delicious.

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