Day +90, Monday

Photo of the Day: At one point, I just stopped and paused. The corridor outside of Medical Records was quiet, tucked away in the basement and empty. The day was busy and I just wanted to pause. So I did.

Today was long, but just part of the process. I arrived later than I had hoped to Phlebotomy, but through what I can only describe as a Lab Festivus Miracle, my blood was drawn on time.

I know, I know. Ill never understand how the Phlebotomy line works, but then again, I don’t need to.

Today I had appointments in the Outpatient Day Hospital, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology. My blood counts are looking good, with my White Count reaching a record setting (for me) 5.7. Absolute Neutrophils were 4200, kidney function normal and Tacrolimus a smidge under 8 – we were all pleased.

Ophthalmology went well, the main issue being to check chronic dry eye. Overall, though dry, my eyes are doing well. Restasis drops help increase tear production and if irritated, I can use additional Rephresh drops for lubrication. I’ll follow-up with them at some point when I’m back at the clinical center per my Transplant protocol.

Schirmer’s test: filter paper placed under my eyelids for 5 minutes, in order to determine the moisture content of my eyes post-transplant. And no, that’s not a hatchet behind me, just a piece of equipment…but the angle is pretty impressive.

Dermatology was also interesting; at one point, the doctor asked if my donor had eczema. And as my donor was anonymous, this is something I don’t know. But, after discussion and an exam, it seems I have mild eczema on my chest, shoulders and neck and a case of Rosacea on my face. Steroid cream will help everything but my face, and I’ve got a new prescription for metronidazole to help with that.

I also got to pee in a cup not once, but twice – my BK infection/UTI misery has everyone scratching their heads. Everything in my sample suggests UTI, minus the bacteria. I appreciate Erin arguing on my behalf to just dose me with a broad spectrum antibiotic, but the Infectious Disease docs on my Team want to wait and see what – if anything – grows. In the interim, I take Pyridium, Tylenol and when it’s especially painful, hydromorphone. Me and my bladder wait.

Eventually I made it home, after swinging by a local pho place for dinner. Unfortunately, as delicious as my pho was, and in spite of the extra boiling and prep on my end for safety, my meal did not stay down and I found myself running for the bathroom. Throwing us is never fun, but I gathered myself, brushed my teeth, took an anti-nausea medication and returned to watching Designated Survivor with Mom. And I finished this post.

I’ll lay low for the remainder of the night, not that I do anything super exciting anyway – but I’ll take it easy on my tummy. Tomorrow I need to be back at the Clinical Center at 9 for my Dental appointment. I’m participating in an Oral study of Graft vs Host in Stem Cell Transplant, so my appointment will be more of a follow-up.

But that’s tomorrow. After this episode, I’m off to bed. One more day done, one more day closer to home.

  1. The day sounds grueling with all the tests and stomach distress. The upside is that Asheville is in sight and you will continue to recover there and you’ll be with Andy and the kitties. You have a lot to look forward to.


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