Day +89, Sunday

Photo of the Day: I opted not to hike or even go outside, because the sensitive skin on my face was just too sensitive. It hurts. It’s dry. And I’m hoping the NIH dermatologists tomorrow can help.

While bringing me tea this morning, Mom slid the door to my room open. Unbeknownst to her, I was only partially dressed. So I screamed, and then she screamed. Andy was grateful his ear buds weren’t connected and through some festivus miracle, the mug didn’t go flying.

If someone had yelled like that at me, well, the beverage would be dripping from the ceiling onto the remaining pieces of mug that didn’t go through the window. Just saying.

The perils of sharing an apartment with your Mom. That being said a) I’m grateful she’s here and b) I’m already giggling over it.

Overall, it was a low key day and I listened to my body, notably the dry and painful skin on my face. I’m not sure what’s causing this – transplant, chemo, cold & dry weather, windchill or all of the above, but it just hurts. I’m using the moisturizer that the NIH prescribed back when I was inpatient, and making sure to apply with a slightly damp face (meaning I’ll soak a lukewarm washcloth and gently press into my face for a minute or two and then apply). This way, it doesn’t feel as much like a burn when the moisturizer is applied. My neck, behind my ears are also sensitive; the rest of my body too, although less so. So there’s that.

The BK Virus is still there, no new changes. Maybe the culture collected last Thursday will yield something that can be fixed with antibiotics, rather than waiting for my immune system to kick in. This saga continues.

Needless to say, I took Tylenol. And then the next best thing in the form of chocolate & vanilla ice cream. Plus, if we’re leaving the week after next, I don’t want anything going to waste.

Later I read, nodded off, drank tea, checked football scores, chatted with Dad & Andy and watched TV with Mom. Oh, and just before turning into a pumpkin, did my 30 push-ups and texted Kurt. It was a more restful day, but after lots of driving and a more eventful schedule last week, this was good.

Next week is a busy one, with Walter Reed skin cancer surgery , NIH dermatology, dental and ophthalmology. I know I’m forgetting something, but that’s just how it goes.

With that – make it a great week everyone!

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