Day +60, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Sometimes this is just a nice reminder to see. Post-transplant, I don’t always feel attractive, or even like my pre-transplant self. Bald is one thing, but then there’s my dry skin, constantly chapped/cracked lips, and just bits of my body that are uncomfortable and uncooperative. I do my best to quiet that inner-chatter, remind myself of what my body has been through and that I AM still beautiful and unique. But seeing this made me happy; so I took a picture.

Today was Andy’s last full day in Bethesda, as he leaves mid-day tomorrow to return home. I’m trying to not be too sad by reminding myself that each passing day is one more day closer to returning home. That’s my story tonight while he’s sitting next to me. Tomorrow it may be different and my heart will be sad.

But it’s a wonderful thing, it is, to love someone so much, with all of my heart. For this, a second chance in love, I am grateful.

Our day was unique. Mom & I have a history with IKEA. Andy does not. He was a good sport though, touring & walking through rooms, noting tile work, and creative ways of making small spaces livable. As someone who builds multi-million dollar homes, I always appreciate Andy’s eye for detail. It was fun picking his brain throughout the store.

We should have warned him, though, about the lower level, the “Marketplace”. Our tempo picked up, things looked less interesting, and we soon made our way back to the car. Actually, Andy retrieved the car while Mom & I stayed warm in the store.

Leftovers for dinner, that beef meal better a day later. There was spiked egg nog, and at one point I dozed on Andy’s chest; yes, IKEA is exhausting. Now it is quiet. Miami won the football game, we chatted with Dad, and the candle is flickering down. Goodnight!

Being silly in IKEA.

  1. IKEA with Andy was different; he looked at furniture, room specs, and colors. I learned a lot! Nothing like taking apart and diagramming what goes into a defined space, and why it works! We had such a great time!! I was so sad when he left this morning.

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