Day +59, Friday, Christmas!

Photo of the Day: Mom and Andy, Zooming with Dad, my sister Karyna, and her son, Eli. I think this picture represents how so many people celebrated the 2020 holiday season. And yes, we got Mom a robe; in my defense, the order was placed before the SNL skit came out, and as she forgot her normal robe in MN, well, this one seemed like a nice treat.

This holiday season has been unlike any other. And for my folks, I think it’s the first one they have spent apart in their 42 years of marriage, so we promised to hold a major party in 2021. I think nearly everyone will follow suit. Dad enjoyed snow, cold weather, and a meal drop-off from KK and Eli, and our family in Western North Carolina even had a white Christmas. It was lovely chatting with Debbie and Nancy. Weather-wise, we received a few flurries, but as the temperature dropped 30 degrees overnight, we spent the day indoors, cozy and warm. I read, we all watched football, and the morning’s cinnamon rolls were a hit. The Christmas Beef Bourguignon wasn’t bad either. The evening ended with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and another nice chat with Dad.

Insofar as holidays go, this one has been different, but I’m still incredibly grateful to be here, celebrating with Andy and my Mom. 2020 has not been easy, but it has also changed my life for the better, thanks to my anonymous stem cell donor.

My body is hanging in there, and it’s tough to believe we are just about at Day +60! I’m adapting a bit better to the Magnesium, meaning it doesn’t have me running for the toilet (thankfully). My little baby hairs continue to grow – Andy calls them “peach fuzz”, and when he Whack-a-Moled my head for a second time, was amazed that one small red spot had completely disappeared.

Yes, that is why I call it Whack-a-Mole.

But it’s late. And there’s a lovely person named Andy next to me, sleeping soundly, and I look forward to snuggling up to him while he’s here. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday – thank you all for your support, kind words and well wishes!

Love, Marit

Something I never thought I would ask for…..sandals! I LOVE flip flops, but had an impossible time wearing them because of my warts. Now, nearly 60 days post transplant, I sent Andy a picture of these Olukai sandals a few weeks ago – and the man delivered, despite thinking open toed footwear were a completely irrational gift in the middle of winter. But then he saw my feet and he was shocked, delighted and generally happy for me. I’ve only taken them off to sleep and shower, I love them so.

  1. Zoom brought you, Andy, Mom, Eli, Karyna and me together. You set it up and we all were happy. So good to see you getting better and being able to wear flip flops and sandals. Hopefully, we will all be together next Christmas. In the meantime continue these great posts


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  2. Marit and her beautiful blue flip flops have been inseparable since she unwrapped them on Christmas Eve. And, I must admit, blue leather flip flops suit her to a T! Wonderful. I wonder if she will wear them today when we visit IKEA.
    We enjoyed a delicious meal and enjoyed watching Chevy Chase’s Christmas movie. Fun for all!!

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