Day +58, Thursday

Photo of the Day: Happy Christmas Eve!

Today was lovely, being able to spend time with Andy and my Mom. Parts of the day involved food prep, gathered together in our kitchenette area, while listening to holiday music. I read some, and later Andy & I ventured out for last minute food-things, including egg nog, crusty bread and spiced rum. My sun-dried tomato Mac & Cheese turned out OK, and we didn’t need the emergency DiGiorno pizza in the freezer. Hey, I’ve never made a cheese sauce, what can I say? Lots of stirring folks, lots of stirring.

FaceTine and Zoom were yet again part of our lives, first with friends and later with Dad & Lucy. Minnesota’s blizzard made for a beautiful, albeit cold day today, and it seems that Asheville has received snow. And us in Bethesda? Just rain all day, but that’s ok. It was nice to just be still for a bit with Andy.

We all miss Dad, my sister’s family, Andy’s family and friends. 2020 has been unlike anything we could have imagined. I’m so grateful to be here, be alive, have the people in my life that I do, I couldn’t ask for more.

And a special thank you to my donor, whose life saving stem cells made this possible. That’s the most amazing gift of all.

Stem Cell Transplant Day!! October 27, 2020!

  1. Thank you for setting up zoom. I missed being with you but our zoom session at least brought us together. It looks like Andy, Mom and you were having a great time.
    Keep up recovering and Merry Christmas

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  2. We celebrated and celebrated!! What a glorious time we had. And thanks to technology, we were able to spend some of it with family and friends. The best gift of all is Marit’s new lease on life. I am so grateful to her donor. And to all people who have decided to be donors. Merry Christmas one and all!!

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