Day +53, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Lesson learned from yesterday’s spill….all beverage products will remain on the end table, including morning tea, Perrier and Kombucha. Other things that remain on the end table include my daily temperature tracker….yes I take my temp 2X/day, morning and night and then jot down said number. What can I say, the medical historian in the family – Cousin Nancy – once told me that my temperature was a good thing to track, and could be a useful tool. It worked in 2015, when I was deathly ill from pneumonia and my doctors were really happy to have the data. WHEN I was first released from the NIH, I made sure to take my temperature as instructed. Over the past week or so, I realize that there are some evenings that I’ve simply forgotten to take or even write down the number. I don’t think this is a bad thing. There will be a time at some point, where I no longer track my temperature daily; it’s a nice feeling that I’m more comfortable letting this go, that on some level, another tiny piece of me is returning to a more normal existence and away from all the medical stuff in my life.

Today I taught Mom how to binge-watch a series. We watched “The Hunters” on Prime; as it was my second time through, it was fun talking with Mom about plot twists, etc. It also meant that I really didn’t do much today, but that’s OK. Throughout this process, I’ve really worked hard to always be up, wear non-pajama clothes, take walks (even in the hospital), shower, cook pasta, etc. Today was not one of those days. Dinnertime consisted of watching Episode 10 and finishing the bag of extra cheesy goldfish crackers. They were delicious.

To make up for bingeing all day, I made Mom watch a funny documentary about running Ultramarathons. What can I say? I love inspirational stuff and we didn’t get out to walk today…this was my weird way of making it up to myself, absolving my sins. Plus, I’d already seen “Once Is Enough” and really enjoyed it. I wanted to share the wonderfulness of Hope Pass.

Hope Pass. Or, “Hopeless Pass”, as I called it while hiking up in during my Colorado Trail thru-hike in 2019. And yes, that is exactly how I felt upon reaching the top.

So that’s almost it. I chatted with Andy via FaceTime (twice!), enjoyed joking around and talking about future projects we want to do together. And I cracked open “The All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness. One of my docs said it was fun – Harry Potter for adults – and I ended up watching Season 1 over the past week or two. But I’m a sucker for good books, and I definitely don’t have the patience to wait for Season 2, so here we are. Plus, there is a love story in there and as I’m missing Andy, well, maybe Diana & Matthew can serve as a temporary distraction.

Now I’m in bed, wearing my hideous red PJ pants (the ones with the flowers) and a black “Run St. Paul” shirt. I give my sweatshirt a 2% chance of surviving the night on my person; not sure if these are hot flashes, but temperature regulation is a challenge at this point. Mom Whack-a-Moled my head and I can hear the dishwasher humming away in the background. I’m trying to not think too hard about post-transplant athletic goals, but they are in the back of my mind – especially after watching a running-themed documentary.

Instead, I’ll crack open Book 1, be careful to not spill my tea, and be grateful for achieving one more day past transplant.

Me, on top of Hope Pass (12,600′), looking south on the Colorado Trail. I did things like this pre-transplant, in an effort to be as strong as I could going into transplant. And I look forward to doing them again, post-transplant. And OMG, look at my hair!

  1. Watching The Hunters with my girl yesterday was so much fun! I tried to see a clue on her face; but, alas, she remained “stone faced” the whole time; and I had to watch it slowly unfold. Afterwards, I showered and went to claim newly arrived packages. I got tea mugs and Marit got her books. Yahoo!! Documentary about Ultra Marathons was interesting; but, was somewhat sad; Marit knows it will be some time before she does any of her beloved hikes or races. But, we know that time will come!!!


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