Day +54, Sunday

Photo of the Day: I did a “Harrison Tweet” run for the two of us. In the store, I decided that I wanted pizza, so I branched out and added this to my cart. It was delicious.

Overall, the weekend was low-key. I enjoyed time reading, chatting with Andy, drinking lots of tea, and hanging with Mom in the apartment. And I spent way more time than I should have on the phone with American Airlines, followed subsequently by Expedia, trying to change flights and/or get a refund. End of story, it worked and I was happy.

I’m hoping to welcome 2021 with Andy, given all are healthy. It scares me, the flying, and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one. But the world is also a scary place at this moment, with a global pandemic lurking invisibly, everywhere. I am struggling with that balance – its an easy choice for me to mask up, to stay in the apartment and socially distance when in public – we’ve done it for a major part of 2020. And having just had a stem cell transplant, that’s a choice I would make anyway. But there comes a point where I’m not going to be in Bethesda anymore, and I’ll be home with Andy and kitties. The kitties stay indoors, but Andy does not have the luxury of working from home. Bridging that gap – between transplant recipient near the hospital to a post-transplant life at home during a global pandemic – well that’s a difficult situation for anyone. I certainly don’t have the answers – if you do, please let me know. Moving on….

When I was in Harrison Tweet, the other thing I saw that I really wanted – were berries. And apples.

Berries have potential for mold, impossible to wash from their pits and little crevices. And I love green apples – the crunch of biting into the skin, tart, crisp and juicy. Delicious. Again, as a recent transplant person – I’m supposed to stick with foods that are “cooked, peeled or baked”. It won’t be forever, it it only temporary.

Oh well – I’ll focus on the things I can have. Like hot tea with cream and sugar, pizza, fruits that can be peeled, and of course my beloved pasta with butter and cheese. Can’t go wrong there. Yes, my diet resembles that of a 5 year old but I’m not complaining, not much anyways.

Tomorrow it’s an early morning at the Clinical Center. I need to have my blood drawn before 8:45, as I’ve got a Pentamadine Breathing treatment scheduled for 9. Then it’s checking in with my Team in the Outpatient Day Hospital. But that’s tomorrow. For tonight, I’ve got a few more pages to turn before I fall asleep. Goodnight!

  1. Quiet days are good. Sorry you have to avoid berries and unpeeled fruit. I love the progress you are making. Keep it up!


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