Day +29, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: My new home away from home

Well, it was a long day, a very long day. And with a hemaglobin at 8.4, I was tired. But ecstatic to see mom (with a very awkward socially distant hug), thrilled to be let out, and even rallied to make it through Harris Teeter for a few essentials. And now I’m in my new bedroom, waiting for 9 pm to roll around so I can take my pre-sleep meds.

Neither Mom nor I pack light. We ended up taking a taxi van to the new apartment. My car would have died with all this stuff. Funny enough, my front right tire was partially deflated – thankfully Andy will bring the air compressor and make it right. I love Andy, and I love his air compressor.
The Living Room. Mom talking to Dad, while I wind down for the night.

Tomorrow Andy arrives, and I’m over the moon happy about that. There’s a lot more that I could write, but I’m beat, grateful to be here, thankful to my donor & the NIH, and happy to be headed into Day +30

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