Day +28, Tuesday

Photo of the Day: Today, Mom (via FaceTime) and I took a class on Life after Transplant. This is given to every transplant patient at the NIH and it covers everything you could ever want to know about life after Transplant. I took a few pictures, but honestly, this was the funniest. Sonja, one of my awesome nurses who gave the course, was very serious but also goofy at times. This slide just happened to be up while she was wagging her finger at me, while discussing sex and hazardous drugs. There are some things you can never really prepare for – the sex discussion was one of them. For the record, it is possible. And I’ going to leave it at that.

Nothing has changed, and I’m still on track to be released tomorrow. Mom’s flight lands at Regan around noon, and hopefully she’ll be on the NIH campus by 1 pm. My goal is to have my car packed up and ready to go; I’m only slightly concerned. It’s not a huge car, and I ‘ve got a few suitcases, and so does Mom. If I can do transplant, I can surely pack my car, right?

Today was busy. Between the transplant discharge class, and meeting with my Team, I had a few other appointments. I snuck in a 20-minute power nap and rallied hard for my evening. At 1, I had a Pentamidine Treatment – I’m not sure if I’m spelling that correctly, but basically a respiratory therapist has me breath this medication that helps to prevent lung infections.

My respiratory therapist getting my albuterol infusion ready. I took the albuterol before the Pentamidine, in order to open up my airways as much as possible. Afterwards I got a butterscotch candy, and the gross tasking, 20-minute infusion was worth it.

It was a close connection between OP9 (OutPatient 9) where the respiratory clinic is, back to 3NE in time for Art Therapy. If I get discharged, this will be my last Art Therapy session with Sarah. She’s awesome and I have really enjoyed our time together. I will NOT stop taking photos, but I had fun with acrylic paint today.

Sara, getting her art cart ready
My painting looks more like blobs. But there’s one discernible tree. So I call it “Lone Tree”. I know, it’s terrible, but I really don’t care because I had fun.

After ordering dinner – still on the GVHD “Low Lactose/Low Roughage – I started the task of packing. It’s just the closet and bathroom that I did – all of the art and cards are still up on the walls. But this is a start, and it counts for something. And I’m reminding myself that rooms are often messier before they get clean. Or something like that.

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, Mom and I will move into our new home-away-from-home, apartment in Bethesda. Thank you Day + 28!

  1. I am so glad all is a go for departure on Day+29. What a great beginning to the Thanksgiving weekend! Enjoy it completely even if some of the usual food items are not on the menu.


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