Day + 11, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Vice President elect Harris, greeting supporters and she and President elect Biden greet the nation

The picture is grainy because the TV in my room is grainy – but I wouldn’t trade this photo of the day for anything! I was THRILLED to hear the election news mid-morning from Kurt, and then I nearly cried – but didn’t because of the pain from my Mucositis. And that’s another interesting part of getting a bone marrow transplant: my world becomes a hospital room, connection with others occurring through my Team and nurses. The rest of the world marches on; I do too, though, in my own way as it relates to transplant. If I want a distraction from my Stem Cell Transplant world, I simply switch on the news. If I’m tired of news, I read or find something transplant-related. It’s quite convenient, actually.

In other news, I’m still pushing the liquids and managing between 1600-1800 kcal per day on it:

As long as I can still swallow

That being said, it takes nearly 45 minutes to drink an ensure and eat a cup of calorie-enriched soup or a yogurt. Nope, not pretty, but I’m determined and stubborn. Still taking all my pills as well:

Taking my Ursodial, a drug that helps protect my liver. I’m happy because there was only one pill to take at that moment.

Later, my nurse Lamin was helping to flush my PCA box (pain med box) while someone else was getting my I&O, or rather, my Input & Output. I keep track of how much I drink and coincidentally, keep track of how much I pee. Everything is in mL, if you’re curious. The nurses jot these number down, and into my chart they go. This is important to make sure I’m not getting a major imbalance one way or another. You may recall that I’m not a fan of cankles and I’m terrible at math.

If I don’t pee enough per my intake, I’m given a shot of lasix, or a diuretic. Trust me, it works and is motivation to check my math skilz.

Other news? I’ve spiked my biggest fever to date: 38.6 C, which is roughly 101.4 F. Not fun. But my body is going through a lot, between the Mucositis and the BK Virus in my bladder being the biggies, and some other discomforts – hemorrhoids, the skin around my groin feeling super sensitive as a result of the chemo, and minor right ear pain. The doc came to see me and ordered labs (standard for anything over 38 C), and another urine sample. I’ve given many urine samples, but today’s color reached an all new horror factor for me:

Just couldn’t justify B&W on this one. It’s a lot more uncomfortable than it looks

When I requested more Panty Liners/Maxi Pads from my male nurse, he reported that their stock room was out. Usually I’ll let stuff go and figure something out on my own….nope! This was not the time for that. I insisted that he find another stock room to raid until more pads could be sent up. At this point, I’m going through 3-4 pads per day just for my bladder. And I’m trying to keep everything as hygienic as possible, so that includes showers in the morning and full wet wipe baths in the evening. And clean pads whenever possible.

I was MUCH happier when Lamin found two more pads. I was so thankful!!

Thankfully Amazon will be here on Monday with my own special delivery of pads and liners. Maybe one works better than the other? Regardless, I won’t be out anytime soon and that is what matters most.

  1. I’m sure the sight of Biden and Harris at the podium last night helped lift your spirits as it did for many Americans. I am hoping that the various reactions you are having to the transplant and the chemo will disappear soon. It must be frightening at times, and I applaud you for finding distractions and moving on. Joe and Kamal would be proud.


  2. We’re all elated by results of the election. Kamala’s smile says it all. A good day for the USA. Great photo of the day!! So sorry about stuff you’re dealing with, and that red color-AWFUL ! However while my eyes stared at the red color, I was surprised to see my initials on your hospital bracelet – hopefully it’s a good omen.❤️❤️


  3. Nice to see Kamala’s smile on your photo. With all the pain and discomfort you are experiencing Kamala’s smile has to be a pick me up.
    We are looking forward to the end of your pain. You are so brave. You will get through this phase soon and will be able to thrive with Andy’s visit.
    Mom gave me a happy birthday. It would be even happier if we could be with you. Keep up the blogs. They give us hope and joy.


  4. Oh Marit, you are such a trooper for all you are going through! I pray the worst will soon be over! It’s amazing that you have the energy to share with everyone, thank you so much for enlightening us with details of what this process entails ❤️ 😓Thanks to all the healthcare workers helping see you through this! ❤️❤️❤️


  5. Hello Marit, theses Posts are incredible and you are a terrific warrior woman. You are in the middle of a marathon with constant surprises, trauma bits, silly bits, tiny joy bits- but there is no question, You will get through it. You will finish this marathon.
    I wish you all the energy and persistence you need. Vicki


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