Day +10, Friday

Photo of the Day: Ensure Plus, my new beverage of choice

Day +10! And officially, I’m in the double digits! Nope, I don’t really feel older yet, but one of these days – like when engraftment occurs – maybe I will. For the record, engraftment is a huge deal in transplants; it’s when the stem cells I received on transplant day, start to grow and make their own healthy blood cells.

Let’s see…interesting things about today? I had another blood transfusion – this was my fourth. We are not yet out of the woods with the “minor mismatch” complication where my blood cells (type A+) are attacked by my donor’s blood cells (type O+). Or maybe its the other way around. Anyway, day +14 is the marker end that we’ll aim for. In the interim, anytime my hemoglobin drops below 9.5, I’m in the queue for blood. Thankfully, my body handles blood products well and I don’t really have any sort of reaction (knock on wood) like Jackson here:

Jackson from the Neflix movie “Holidate”. Yes, it’s terrible – just like his reaction. Naturally I watched it and loved it. Holiday, romance Hallmark-like show? Sign me up.

In other news, due to the severity of my mucositis, I’m on mostly a liquid diet. My mouth FUCKING HURTS. Like, talking is painful and I need to tilt my head forward if I want any chance of swallowing. I’m doing just about whatever I can to not be fed via my IV.

I’m not sure why this seems important, as I’ve been assured that nutrition is able to make this happen….but it just seems to me, really important to continue doing as much for my body as I can – including eating “normal” foods. Call me stubborn, OK. I’m also channeling the competitive former Ironman athlete with an iron stomach who drank 2 or 3 Ensures before a race. In order to compete, I had to eat, get my nutrition. I suppose transplant is no different. The Nutrition department gave me a handy sheet to keep track on, which excites that slightly OCD part of me.

I’m on the Benecalorie-chicken broth-yogurt-Ensure + diet. How about you?

Erin told me that Sarah from Nutrition was impressed and that meant a lot as she works with transplant patients all the time. They are all chalking it up to my history with competitive endurance sports, and I’m cool with that. I don’t mind the routine, just as long as I can continue to swallow. If that stops, then Plan B or IV food will be the new path. But for now, keep the Ensure coming my way!

And finally, because it’s 2020. And I’m in a hospital. And I zoomed with Andy today. A picture of…..well….. You know.

If I were web-savvy, I would have the angels in heaven choir sing when you scroll over the TP. But I’m not, so you’ll just have to imagine my happiness.

  1. YEAH!, many yeahs for comfy, soft TP. There are things that make life good, and then there are THOSE THINGS that make all the difference. So happy it has finally arrived. Now we’re ready –
    waiting for The Next Big Thing:
    ❤️ ❤️ENGRAFTMENT ❤️❤️
    Happy people from nutrition have discovered you!!

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  2. Congrats on the TP!

    And I was on the “make your pizza” bar night we had last night at the house and I feel so bloated! Not saying this to brag or show off to you but hoping you will live vicariously through that image❤️

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