Days +237, +238, +239, +240, +241, +242, +243, +244, +245 & +246: Essentially, wrapping up June!

Photo of the Day (Monday): Happy after an 18.2 mile hike through the Shining Rock Wilderness.
Photo of the Day (Tuesday): I stayed late at pool league so Andy could return home early and get some much needed rest. I came home to a lovely scented candle throwing light across a darkened living room. It was beautiful and made me feel happy. I’m not generally a person who likes to leave candles unattended, but this was a lovely way to end my day.
Photo of the Day (Wednesday): while checking in for my PET scan, this poster caught my attention and I briefly teared up. On a lighter note, Mission Health has me listed as being from the Netherlands (rather than Minnesota); I found this out because the admin person checking me in spent her summers there and very eagerly started chatting in Dutch. I stammered, said something about Minnesota but loving tulips and we both laughed. She was so amused that she didn’t change my records and I didn’t push it. It lifted my mood on what was an unsettling day – my PET scan, checking for enlarged lymph nodes and Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD). Thankfully, the only enlarged lymph nodes discovered were on the sides of my neck, likely due to my recent sinus infection.
Photo of the Day (Thursday): cruising above the intersection of South Ridge Road & Hard Times during an 11-mile hike. I saw 2 bears, which made this totally awesome!
Photo of the Day (Friday): Post-workout breakfast with Kurt in the fantastic River Arts District – I love this guy, and it was just great to laugh for a bit, especially after another brutal workout involving thrusters & burpees. I hate burpees and coincidentally, thrusters after today.
Photo of the Day (Sunday): trip planning! Figuring out where the Tuolumne Meadows backpackers campground is, huzzah! Even more exciting, today (June 27) marks 8 months since my Stem Cell Transplant!
Photo of the Day (Monday v2.0): testing out a new clip on my backpack that safely holds my heavy DSLR camera. After years of backpacking without it, I only with I had purchased something like this long long ago.
Photo of the Day (Tuesday v2.0): when a tent arrives that I’ve been pining over & waiting for, for a very very long time, I will set it up! Even if it’s 1 am, and I’m tired from another late night at Pool League.
Photo of the Day (Wednesday v2.0): With a 25 minute time cap, I only made it to Round 2 of OverHead Walking Lunges. A part of me felt like I died during this workout and I never want to do lunges again. Ever.

Perhaps photos are enough for now? With today’s impending rain, zero doctor visits and no late night pool league, I’m hoping to have time to actually sit down and do a longer written post, especially after passing the +8 month mark! That would be fantastic, but we’ll see.

For now, enjoy the photos & daily recap – thank you for reading & happy July!

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