Day +204, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Ali, waiting for my folks to come back

Yesterday was low key. I wrote, coordinated with my graduate advisor, had a session with my therapist, drank tea, chatted with Aunt Lucy, read, and ate a lot of kolacky. I’ve decided that fig, surprisingly, was my favorite. It was the Dark Horse of flavors and I was certain I would choose cherry or apricot. Anyway, I needed some space and time, no intense workouts or long hikes – so I took a step back, retreated into myself. I’m a combination of contemplative, sad, annoyed, on edge with my EBV and very disappointed. It’s quite a lot, really. But such is life.

Reading outside was lovely, the late afternoon sun and all, and I laughed when neighbor Breege came over to water the flowers. Buttered pasta for dinner, and I laid out an extra pair of pjs, should I sweat through the ones I went to bed with. Thankfully it wasn’t necessary.

My body is – my body is just doing it’s thing. No major changes, so that’s good. I’ve got a bit of a stuffy nose, sore throat and my skin feels tight – applying moisturizer after my rosacea lotion really helps. I’m feeling tired and all the things I listed above; that emotional health is so important. My self care today involves more tea, time on a trail and time out of the house.

That’s all she wrote! Have a great Thursday or day wherever you are.

  1. I hesitate to urge you tp keep looking for signs of brightness even as your worries persist because I know you will do that. Your ability to weather these periods is impressive.

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  2. I love your photo of the day. Staying with you and Andy was warm and fun and happy. Dad has an appointment with Brenda in early June – YEA! We’ve been catching up on house and yard work, me mostly, and Dad has been doing finances. We put the “Marit “ plan to work starting Monday❤️

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  3. We had a wonderful time with you, Andy and the 4 kitties. Our excursions were fun.
    You inspired us to be more active and to get out more. We are following your advice and taking action.
    Happy to see you’re progressing with your graduate school program.
    Greet Christine from us and enjoy your backpacking and/or hikes.

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