Day +183, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Bears!! 5to be exact! A momma and her 4 cubs… incredible! Bent Creek

Today was great! Highlights included bear sightings, a front porch date with Andy, salad for dinner, listening to birdsong while writing, coffee with hazelnut creamer, a hilarious video and a 5-mile hike.

My body feels generally OK, although my back continues to be a bit sore, leftovers from a culmination of driving, air mattressing, and furniture moving. I broke out the Motrin for pain relief & inflammation reducer, something I rarely do as I take the blood thinner, Xarelto. During today’s hike my back didn’t feel great, but I thought movement would be good for promoting healing and blood flow. And then I stretched! And for a big part of today and yesterday and the day before that, I’ve faithfully used my heating pad, and even applied BioFreeze. It’s better than what it was, so I’m happy about that – To be continued.

My original Photo of the Day – breakfast with BB. But then I saw bears on my hike – bears, people! So that became my new photo of the day….bears!

Earlier in the day, I enjoyed sipping coffee while proofing my 6-month Transplaniversary post; I did some light editing and added a bit more writing for clarity. The kitties, at least 3 out of 4, enjoyed spending time downstairs with me, watching the birds and listening to their sweet melodies. I think I’ll end up getting them a bird feeder in the near future, as the 4 of us really enjoyed the experience.

3 baby bears on the left, and a much larger bear behind the tree in the center. ❤️

My hike was nice – didn’t push the pace at all, but the day was beautiful and it felt awesome to be outside. I wore long sleeve shirt & pants, an ugly floppy hat thing, and regular running socks instead of my compression socks! My legs said, thank you!” Seeing all 5 bears was really wonderful, but I didn’t want to stress them out too much, and my time observing them was short. Walking away, I noticed two cubs – in two different trees – climbing a la American Ninja Warrior. They were so amazing and cute and made me happy! I couldn’t help but grin!

This is the face of happiness!

The remainder of the night was low key- we had an outside, then inside date, made dinner, started laundry, etc. I’ve got a scented candle going on the dresser and wrote this post with Andy at my side. At one point, he couldn’t stop laughing and shared this video with me. I’ve watched it so many times – well, you’ll see for yourself…enjoy! Oh – and goodnight!

Yes! Faster! Run run run run run. Splat!

  1. I loved the video and laughed and laughed! Oh, the bears, what can I say – they’re wonderful.
    On another note, Ceclila came over today. I showed her your photo and she thought you looked like you were 16. She was so happy to hear about your progress.

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  2. I love the picture of you in your sunglasses and floppy hat! And seeing the bears must have been a real treat!


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