Day +179, Saturday

Photo of the Day: when two friends, who have known each other for 23 years hang out for the first time in a while – weird stuff happens. In the picture, Andy & Frenchie, enjoying sourdough bread, a beautiful charcuterie spread, and fun times with napkins.

It’s been a quick trip thus far and we are headed home tomorrow. Ive enjoyed spending time with old friends and catching up; it’s also been great seeing Andy with one of his oldest friends. I’ve been hearing a lot of good stories – some hilariously funny, others have me commenting, what were you thinking ?! In this regard though, Andy’s not alone; I too have had my share of head scratching moments.

I must say that Frenchie and his wife, Elizabeth are both passionate foodies and planned on some lovely surprises once they learned my food restrictions were lifted. The charcuterie meats and cheeses were heavenly, as was the homemade lemon curd and baked sourdough. The map allowed my body to digest. Later, raw oysters were on the menu…I had 4; since I’m still here, I’m calling it all good. They tasted delicious and reminded me of how much I’ve missed non cook-peel-baked food items. I also enjoyed seared ahi tuna and a bite of Andy’s medium/rare steak, which just felt wrong but I’ve come this far so oh well?! I hope that no one from the NIH is reading this – I’ll keep you posted on my GI issues, should any system fail.

But it’s late. I’m well fed and happy and next to Andy, who is sleeping soundly by my side. I’m excited for the promise of tomorrow! Cheers and happy Sunn!

  1. Love the photo of Andy and Frenchie – brings back memories of the time the 6 of us were together, and the fun evening we had. So good to know all is well!!


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