Day +176, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: I needed a negative COVID-19 test before heading up to the NIH. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was done, and again 8 hours later, when the result came back negative. Just part of the COVID l9/global world in which we live.

Wednesday’s focus was primarily getting ready for a whirlwind few days at the NIH for my 6-month, post Stem Cell Transplant appointments. I woke up, drank coffee, called Advent Health to confirm my COVID test location and enjoyed yet another long 10-second nasal swab.

Post-swab, I drove home and indulged my body a long nap; at some point, Monster and Bananabear joined me and I awoke, wedged between two kitties. It was nice! The rest of the afternoon was spent packing, tidying up, paying bills and watching an episode or two of House. It still befuddles me that I never watched this show – I’m enjoying it now, though.

Later, Debbie stopped over for a bit, and Andy and I eventually hit the road. It’s been a drive – as 7 or 8 hours typically is – and I’m happy that we’re zipping past Front Royal, VA. With 75 minutes until we reach Bethesda, both of us are tired and ready to be done. But I’m grateful that Andy is here with me- that means a lot.

Shortly after leaving NC and crossing into TN on the 26.

Tomorrow morning will arrive early, as I’ve got my fist appointment set for 8:00 am. Andy still isn’t allowed in the clinical center with me, but I’m looking forward to being with him afterwards: Our hotel has a wonderful rooftop deck and it would be nice to enjoy a sunset date.

Ok – about an hour left of travel…Bethesda, here we come!

Somewhere near the 81N & 66E – waving towards Shenandoah National Park as we pass.

  1. Best wishes for positive results at the NIH.
    You have gone through a lot since
    Last October. Let’s hope the next half year brings rapid healing.

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