Days +172 & +173, The Weekend

Photo of the Day (Saturday): Holding purses and things while the rest of my group uses the bathroom. The lighting happened to be really nice and I was just happy. So I took a picture. It was nice having my wig on and just feeling normal.
Photo of the Day (Sunday): The completed coffee table! Monster proof & approved.

The weekend was both great and flew by too quickly. Saturday was filled mostly with building a coffee table and spending time with Jenni & Co. at the Biltmore Estate, but I started it off well with a barn-burner of a workout at HEW. It ended up being a 25 minute “AMRAP” – which stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible”, and we did things like a weighted 100 meter run, pull-ups, ladder drills, hollow rocks (a type of ab movement that is both challenging and burned a hole in my tush), and tire flips. Any time I see tire flips, I’m happy.

Tire flips!

Then it was home, with a quick detour past Panera. What can I say, except that I’m a sucker for Hazelnut Coffee with copious amounts of half-and-half. Delicious! But in actuality, Andy and I were planning on putting together our coffee table. Bagels were consumed, Andy organized his workshop and I took a brief shower – and then we built our table.

We liked everything about it, except the 16-inch hairpin legs were too long and placed the table at a height above the couch. Thanks to Amazon, the 12-inch set arrived the following day. Andy also wants to add a closure to the front opening – basically creating a compartment for remotes, coasters, etc. I don’t mind having a visible shelf, but after spending the weekend with him I can tell the open shelf just bothers him, and I conceded that he could do what he thought best for the sake of the table.

Anyway, later that afternoon, Andy dropped me off at the Biltmore McDonald’s, and I spent time with Jenni & Kelly and kids at the Biltmore Estate. Interestingly enough, I’ve lived here for nearly 2 years, and I have yet to visit the Biltmore. I know, I know – there’s something really wrong about this. Andy suggested the other day that when my folks are in town mid-May, that the 4 of us visit and I said I would consider. After driving onto the estate, my mind changed from “consider” to “YES”. It was beautiful!

Baby goats on the farm!
Sneaky dinner companion. I kept getting tapped on my knees – I have to say, L is adorable.
Dr Seuss house at night
Goodnight Moon!

Biltmore was a blast and I really enjoyed time with Jenni, Kelly and their families – between visiting the animals (baby goats!!), and walking around the village, an excellent dinner and enjoying the various buildings and art sculptures, I’m looking forward to returning with my folks. And I’m looking forward to seeing Jenni when she’s back in town!

Sunday was low key, although Andy built a shelf to go behind the couch, and we picked out an area rug for the living room. And after the 12-inch hairpin legs arrived, I swapped them with the 16-inch ones; its nice having the table level with the couch. We have yet to decide on artwork – but that’s for another day.

Andy, eating a sandwich. I think he’s smiling – I just like the backwards cap.
Coffee Table with 12-inch Hairpin Legs, different angle

I’m feeling good – still tired at times, but excited about my upcoming week & NIH visit. My face skin continues to be sensitive, and I’m applying a thin coat of hydrocortisone daily, along with Metronidazole for rosacea. And apparently I trimmed my finger nails too short, and have two spots – one on my right hand, and one on the left – of either an ingrown nail, or slight infection. I’ll see what Dr. W says about that on Tuesday. My body is still sore from workouts, but that’s just a given and I’m OK with that. Skin overall remains tight-feeling….not sure if this is a weather thing, or a Tacrolimus thing or what? But that’s all I’ve got!

Have a great week everyone!

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