Day +155, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Andy, doing his best to remove water from the tarp.

Wednesday saw rain, 5+ inches, in the mountains of Western Carolina and if you ask me, it was perfect for staying inside. There were also threats of pop-up thunderstorms and given the warm air mass parked on top of the region, that wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. Instead, I spent time indoors, writing, reading, napping and watching old episodes of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.”

A few things: 1) They all look too old to be in high school, 2) Coincidentally, they all look so young now 3) The music that was good then is still good now 4) As high schoolers, their social skills are remarkable and 5) The show still gives me the creeps with some of its plots. I suspect the same would hold true for Dawson’s Creek and/or Beverly Hills 90210.

My body is doing OK – notably my face skin is dry and irritated, exacerbated by my rosacea. I’m tired, but it was a perfect day to stay inside, so that’s to be expected. My lymphedema is diminishing, thanks to constant compression sock use, and – I’m guessing – kidneys that are functioning more normally. I did develop a type of bump/pimple/cyst or something on my torso under my left rib, perhaps stemming from an ingrown hair – I’ve named it Wilma. Andy laughed and in his best Fred Flintstone voice yelled, “Wiiiilllmmmaaaaaa!!”

My bump & I collectively rolled our eyes, but there you go. It’s something I’ll need to keep an eye on, just to see how my body does.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the remainder of your week!

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