Day +134, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Reading in bed with Andy, instead of writing a late night blog in the other room. It was actually a pretty wonderful thing.

In the scheme of things, yesterday felt pretty boring. But I need to remind myself – in a post-transplant life, boring is also good. I puttered around the house, did some tidying up, laundry and general cleaning. I had a session with my therapist – one of the best investments I can make in myself – and then paid bills and did finances. Even though it’s “just adulting”, it felt good to check these things off my list.

Monster agrees that Adulting is important, but not as important as napping. Or being a cat.

As the day was beautiful, all windows were opened and it was enjoyably low key. Later in the afternoon, I decided to check how much water my favorite mug held, recalling the “aggressive hydration” tactics from last weekend. I drink SO MUCH TEA, and while it’s lovely, sometimes hot water is a nice diversion. As long as I’m getting enough liquids into my system in order to protect my Kidneys, it’s OK. If I just want a little hot water – cool. If I want to make tea – great. I just need to keep drinking and do what I can to keep my organs safe from the potentially devastating effects of Tacrolimus (ie Kidney failure).

Our downstairs coffee bar. I’ve had the picture (straw on wood plank) in the background for as long as I can remember; I think I saw it in my parents’ attic when I was a kid and they let me hang it in my bedroom. I’ve looked at it throughout my life, and it has always brought joy – two people dancing, suspended together in time.

My body is feeling OK – the shower followed by tons of moisturizer helped, as it always does. Even better, though – my allergy medication (Zyrtec) arrived, and within 30 minutes, my sinuses had cleared. I had on again/off again stuffiness throughout the evening, but compared to where I was a mere 24 hours earlier, the Zyrtec made a world of difference. Lastly, I’ve noticed more and more hair re-growth. It’s still fuzzy and peach-like, but I’ve got a definite visible hairline, even if it’s still thin. And yes, I’m envious of my 18-month old nephew’s hair….pretty much all infants have more hair than me. That’s cool though, because I can do other things like walk, drive, and make pan smash bang cookies. Or something like that.

Today I’ve got an OBGYN appointment, a follow up from last month’s PAP and general appointment. Paula’s office is recommending a Colposcopy, essentially a biopsy of my cervix, but as long as I’m on Tacro, the NIH does not want that. Instead, I think we’ll follow up with how my sensitive skin is doing and all other things GYN-related. Again, it is wonderful working with a clinician who has also been through chemo and overcome her own health challenges; no, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but I appreciate the fact that she understands part of what my body has been through. This makes such a difference.

Later, I’ve got a few errands to run, and I’m itching to get out for a hike. The day is beautiful with a projected high of 69 – not too shabby, not bad at all.

Make it a great day!

  1. I’m so glad you are having good days even some are on the ordinary side. I’ve always thought such times are underrated. I hope you have a good hike today.


  2. Jealous of your “open windows”!! We’re not there yet in Minnesota although we need a serious airing out at our house. Sounds like another boring day awaits, and it’s good for you. Enjoy❤️


  3. Fresh air and boring days are fine at this stage. We look forward to late April.
    Morning posts seem to work just great. Your writing and photos have sparkle.



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