Day +128, Thursday

Photo of the Day: Greeting Andy after he received his COVID vaccine and was cleared to leave the post-vaccination observation area. I may have kissed him as well.

Today if feels like a weight has been slightly lifted from our shoulders. Andy received his first dose of the COVID vaccine and while it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still immune compromised and my body is in the early stages of recovering from my Stem Cell Transplant – I feel as though I can breath a tiny bit easier. Andy has worked steadily throughout the pandemic – exposure to COVID, getting sick and bringing the virus home – has always been a fear of mine. We are not out of the woods, but today was a hopeful and wonderful first step.

I am incredibly grateful. Round 2 for him takes place in 3 weeks.

As for me, per instructions from the NIH, I’ll need to wait until June 18 before I can get my shots. In the meantime, we’ll both do our part & wear masks, social distance and continue to be safe. At this point, it’s all we can do.

That kiss thing ❤️

  1. We get the single dose J&J. This Sunday morning at 2:30 AM at the fair grounds. Wanted to have it before our trip to SC. Just to be safe.
    Glad you are doing well 😊
    Love Aunt Donna


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