Day +124, Sunday

Photo of the Day: We were taking a selfi when Jenni suddenly started feeling the back of my head. I would imagine this is maybe a little what pregnant women feel like when people touch their bellies. That being said – I’ve never head a stranger start rubbing my head, only friends. And yep, that’s just something I never thought I would say.

The weekend went way too fast, especially with beautiful temps and overcast skies. I saw three friends Saturday night – it was different wearing a mask the entire time, but then again, everyone did. I am so thankful for my friends and their compassion & caring. I’ve missed our conversations and just laughing with other beautiful humans; at times it was easy to forget I just had a Stem Cell Transplant. After today’s hike, I stopped by Jenni’s again and it was just nice to chat over Cherry Coke Zeros and laugh. As with last night and today, time flew way too quickly. Again, that’s Relativity folks!

I’m feeling OK, though the Turkey Taco Soup leftovers aren’t sitting well. Not sure what happened, but I’m hoping a good nights’ sleep makes a difference. Skin is OK and I’m grateful that I used copious amounts of sunscreen – even over my head – during my 5 mile hike at Bent Creek. Otherwise I’m tired – but that’s normal. And having power surges, but that’s normal too.

Tomorrow calls for rain – a third normal for our mountains and Western NC as of late. I look forward to the pitter patter sound on the roof when I wake to pee at 3 am.

With that, goodnight!

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