Day +120, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Date night!

There really aren’t a lot of places we go out to, at this point. At nearly 4-months post-transplant, my baby immune system and blood cells are just beginning to grow at get stronger. And then there’s that whole COVID global pandemic – frankly, it’s not worth the risk or the worry.

The other day, I mentioned to Andy that we should try a new brewery, far away from Asheville, one with plenty of outdoor space, and preferably on a warmer day. Today, we hit up Whistlehop Brewing in Fairview – and it was awesome. Yes, the sampler we had was nice, interesting flavor profiles and some neat ingredients too. But the best part – sitting in our own boxcar, together, just enjoying each others’ company and talking.

I’ve missed this, and Andy said that he has as well.

Before we knew it, 9 pm and our state’s curfew rolled around. We had been there for 2 and a half hours without even realizing it, time doing funny things when you’re in the company of someone special. That’s Relativity, if you ask me.

Red caboose next to Platform “9 & 3/4”

My face is still irritated, but I continue to use my rosacea gel and do all of the things my NIH dermatologists recommended. I really think it’s a matter of just having had a transplant and my new blood is getting used to my new skin/organs/face. Toss in weather, skin damage and environmental conditions and it adds to the mix. I’m not a fan of the pustules, having dealt with severe acne from about third grade through 28 (or so). I really struggled with my acne – kids can be incredibly cruel. And while I’m an adult now, there’s still that bit of me that is over my face skin hurting and being rash-y. Thankfully we are all wearing masks now.

BUT, the flip side is that I also understand that it’s something my body just needs to go through. So I’ll take care to the best of my ability, while being kind & gentle with my heart.

Tomorrow it’s a blood draw, oil change and a hike! Stay safe & be well!

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