Day +118, Monday

Photo of the Day: Bananabear giving me look when I asked her to pose for the camera.

Today was spent largely in my office space, working my way through files and projects and upcoming plans. There’s a lot of moving parts at play, and various things to consider – all within the context of my health.

Speaking of health, yes, my eyes were a bit puffy this morning. And yep, skin is still dry. I’m tired, which is my normal, but otherwise doing well. For lunch, I had a PB & Apricot Jam sandwich (can’t have berries yet because of the potential mold in seeds), chased with a Diet Coke. Thankfully, the carbonation didn’t make me explode, and I worked to push the fluids (as in water, not Coke). We’ll see how my counts look tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a 9 am lab draw followed by my weekly hematology appointment. I’ll be channeling thoughts of Butterfly needles first, but more important, lab results that continue to be within realms of Normal. Afterwards, I’ll maybe head out for a hike or pick up something non-pasta-ish for dinner (depending on the weather).

Now, it’s nearly time for bed. I’m back upstairs, with BB on my lap (again), watching Survivor, and drinking (another) Diet Coke. I haven’t exploded yet, so perhaps BB is what’s keeping me intact. Regardless, it was a solid day and I continue to be grateful.

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